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Here comes M hopping down the fluffy bunny trail… (Again)

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Excerpted below is a recent blog entry of a former student, who I will denote as M. No, I won’t provide a trackback.


What is it that I want to become? The time of riding life to wherever it takes me is done.  It’s time for me to forge my path. I like that:  Forge.  With the unquenchable fire of passion and determination.  I don’t know fully what I want to be yet. Except this.


I don’t mean the world domination, powerful (although that could be nice).  I mean a release of my innate power.  Being one that commands respect wherever I go (not to be mistaken with worshipped, although that is also not always bad, if only occasion)  If you could only see my smirk.

What is Power? True Power, the power that cannot be given or taken but simply is. Power that is a part of the soul. How is it gained, or earned, or proven?

Magick (mastery of) is Power

Strength is Power

Wisdom is Power

Compassion is Power

Authority is Power

Sexuality is Power

The Healing arts are Power

There is my starting point. Along with going a little wild and letting myself release my inner dragon. Seeing what she has in store for me. She’s in there. Waiting to come out.  I’m anxious to meet her.


My initial impression of M’s first blog entry in over a year was that either she was back on the Courtney drug (see my article “Fakers (not) Fakirs Among Us” or she was once more off her anti-psychotic meds. As you can see, the tone of the piece is definitely manic if not maniacal. In addition, the grammatical errors (M is an English major graduate) indicate an agitated state during her writing process. Of course, one could argue that the disjointed grammar was a byproduct of M’s intense fervor during her channeling experience. That’s what the sham not a shaman Courtney told her. If only M could see me smirk.

Despite the nonsense pumped into her fluffy brain by the blessed wannabe, Courtney, M is a seeker—nothing more and nothing less which is not a bad thing. We should all be seekers of truth and our own power. As M says, she doesn’t know what she wants to be—but she wants to be powerful.

Therein lies her true impotence.

While I agree with M’s list of some sources of power, however, like lightning following an ion trail, power needs a path, which is what she lacks. M is flailing about with no clear idea of how to obtain the power she craves. From experience with her, I can tell you that M is what I call a philosophical dilettante.

First, she’ll run down one religious or philosophical path picking up a few ideas. She usually takes these ideas out of context ignoring the parts of the teachings she doesn’t agree with, or due to her attention deficit, she simply doesn’t concentrate long enough on the lessons to absorb fully the material. Eventually M tires of her new fad and moves onto some other teachings until such time that she moves on again, and again, and again.

Clearly, M wants, but doesn’t know what she wants—like so many of us. But this flitting from one teaching or tradition or system of magick to another and another and another is about as likely to yield the results she wants as chasing butterflies without a net—which might also be an appropriate metaphor for her mental state. M should have added one more line to her what-is-power list: focus is power.

For she failed, in her brief and manic tenure with the Circle of the Dark Moon Coven and School of Wicca, Wytchecraft, and Magick, to remember the basic ingredients for successful magick:

  • Desire to change something in the mundane (she clearly has this)
  • A plan / belief / strength of will of how to accomplish her goals (she hasn’t a clue)
  • Visualization of the successful outcome of her magick (her mind is too erratic and unfocused and to visualize.

M needs to focus. She needs to pick a path and follow it to its end. While the greater part of the journey is the journey itself, the wise man who said that did not mean for the seeker to run around in circles. In addition, from what I know of dragons, they are no-nonsense type of creatures not given to being pleased at having their time wasted by philosophical meanderings of fluffy bunnies. Perhaps this little rabbit hopped out of her hole just in time for Ostara.

I wish M well on her life-path search. Ultimately it’s a path we all must walk alone to find our own truth at the center of all creation. With that in mind I still find M’s final comment about dragons to be way too Helen Reddy-ish (ala “I am woman hear me roar”) to be taken seriously because I know that all too soon this fluffy cottontail will be hopping down some other bunny trail.


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Recently, I received this email from Marie K, Warner Robins’ self-proclaimed only real high priestess. While I would agree with most of the below points, in Marie’s case, I think it’s like the pot calling the cauldron black. I’ve posted the email below with editorial remarks.


Religion, like any other tool, can be abused and misused. In your quest for a spiritual teacher, you may meet someone who is not what they claim, and may not be functioning at a very high developmental level. To aid you in evaluating potential teachers, you must use discernment and judgment.

(But most importantly you must choose me, Marie K, because I AM THE WITCH QUEEN OF WR, GA.)


• …Asks for your money, beyond minimal basic expenses, for spiritual teaching.

(A coven like any other church needs monetary support but too often people feel that because we don’t have a building with a steeple, a services should be free. That simply is not the case. Also in the case of classes or other services, students sometimes feel that since the class is free, they don’t have to take the class seriously.)

• …Forbids contacts with others – required isolation.
(Again, isn’t that exactly what you have done Marie? My sources from inside your little )

• …Claims to teach you the “one, true and only way” or claims that their way is somehow better than others on the same or similar path.

• …Watch out for anyone who puts down other spiritual paths or others in their own spiritual path without VERY good reason (such as physical, mental, emotional or psychological abuse – harming others) or claims to be the “only game in town”.
(My sources from inside your group have told me that is EXACTLY what you are doing in respect to the Circle of the Dark Moon)

• …Is physically, mentally, or emotionally abusive, or angry.
• …Anyone who claims that they are the only one who is legitimate and all others are false.
• …Promises to reveal to you great secret knowledge, when you “are ready for it”
(Once you get past the Wicca 101 stuff. There’s good reason for waiting to reveal potentially dangerous magickal techniques to students until they have mastered skills that are more elementary.)
• …Claims to have the ability to “fix” your problems – this action fosters dependency. Spiritual teachers should not offer quick fixes, but rather should help you to learn how to solve your own problems and deal with your own life.
• …Requires unthinking loyalty – discouraging or disallowing free thought or questions. Beware of anyone who gives you the notion that you are not worthy of having your questions answered.
• …Anyone who fosters dependence or subservience.
• …Has a lifestyle which makes you uncomfortable.
(Wow, using your witches’ meetup to recruit for your little polyamory playtime group would make me uncomfortable)
• …Needs to put others down in order to make themselves seem more knowledgeable, worthy, or important or ridicules others. Beware arrogance, boastfulness and braggarts.
(Again, this is exactly the gospel that you preach to your group.)
• …Uses manipulative tactics, guilt or fear to control you. Avoid anyone who uses coercive tactics. (Ask yourself if you are being manipulated!)
• …Brags about how enlightened they are.
(There’s nothing wrong with demonstrated ability. In fact isn’t that what you do every time you recite your lineage?)
• …Requires you to purchase things from them in order to obtain enlightenment.
(Guess that leaves your friend Courtney out doesn’t it?)
• …Requires you to do anything you feel is wrong, or would harm you or others. Stay away from anything that goes against your own ethics and conscience.
(Marie, does that include having your husband hit on every female that attends a witches meetup. Some of our students have attended some of your meetings—unlike you we encourage our members to attend other groups’ functions—and they have said that they were VERY UNCOMFORTABLE with your husband’s actions and remarks.)
• …Does not have respect for you as an individual.
• …Requires sex, or the use of drugs
(See above)
You cannot expect any person to be perfect, (Except of course for the vaunted MarieK) however there are attributes that you can look for. Ask yourself, IS THIS PERSON…

• …Mentally stable and capable of sound reasoning?
• …Emotionally stable, and not looking to have their ego fed?
• …Motivated by a desire to serve rather than spiritual greed or a desire to have power over others?
• …Someone you would want to be like?
• …Living a balanced lifestyle?
• …Courteous, kind, considerate, respectful of others?
• …Able to display a sense of humor, especially about self?
• …Honest?
• …Humble?
• …Dependable?
• …Discriminating?
• …Respectful of diversity and uniqueness? (Especially concerning polyamory—I wonder what the county school board or the base would think of those activities)
• …Willing to listen?
(All good qualities—maybe you should practice some of them. Because, you are one of the most spiteful, and angry person I know when someone disagrees with the gospel according to Marie. Really, you need to go to Walmart and buy a sense of humor. )
• …Healthy, strong, independent, well-adjusted?
• …People you would want to be like or even be around?

(So now you’re attacking the other members of our coven? If you have a problem, confront me don’t make oblique attacks our coven members. That is if you have the magickal stones for it.)


• Humility, kindness, consideration, firmness, honesty, self-honesty, a sense of humor (ability to laugh at self).
• These things will never be outgrown. They are a foundation for higher learning and apply to all levels of existence. The will keep you safe in your magical adventures!
(All good qualities.)
As the Bard would say, “The lady doth protest too much, methinks.” I wish there could be more cooperation amongst the area covens but as long as people like MarieK remain acerbic and intolerant of those who differ with them, the infighting most likely will continue. Oh and let’s not forget “hateful” and “necessary.” Right, Marie?

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