Why frog spells don’t work

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The reason most spells to turn people into toads don’t work is that most people are already toads.


The Name(s) of the God and Goddess

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Celtic Gods & Goddesses

Goddess Names

Branwyn – Goddess of love, sexuality and the sea

Bridget – Goddess of fertility, feminine creativity, martial arts and healing

Cerridwen – Moon Goddess, Goddess of Dark Prophecy and the Underworld

Coventina – Goddess of Rivers, Abundance, Inspiration and Prophecy

The Crone – One of the Triple Goddess Aspects, Goddess of Old Age, Winter and the Waning Moon

Eostre – Goddess of Spring, Rebirth, Fertility and New Beginnings

Epona – Horse Goddess, Goddess of Prosperity, Healing, Nurturance and Sustenance

Latis – Goddess of Water and Beer

Morrigan – Goddess of War, Revenge, Night, Magic and Prophecy. Queen of Fairies and Witches

The Triple Goddess – The Maiden, Mother and Crone all at once. Moon, Creator, Destroyer

God Names

Cernunnos – The ‘Horned God’, God of Nature, Animals, Fertility and the Underworld

Lugh – Sun God, God of War, Mastery, Magic and Good Harvest

British, Scottish, Irish, Welsh Gods & Goddesses

Goddess Names

Arianrhod (Welsh) – Star and Sky Goddess, Goddess of Beauty, Full Moon and Magical Spells

Badb (Irish) – Goddess of War, Death and Rebirth

Caillech (Scottish, Irish, Welsh) – Goddess of Weather, Earth, Sky, Seasons, Moon and Sun

Cliodna (Irish, Scottish) – Goddess of Beauty and of Other Realms

Creide (Irish, Scottish) – Goddess of Women and Fairies

Skatha (Welsh) – Goddess of the Underworld, Darkness, Magic, Prophecy and Martial Arts

Morgan LeFay (Welsh) – Goddess of Death, Fate, the Sea and of Curses

God Names

Amaethon (Welsh) – God of Agriculture, Master of Magic

Arawn (Welsh) – God of the Hunt and the Underworld

The Green Man (Welsh) – God of the Woodlands, of Life Energy and Fertility

Oghma (Scottish, Irish) – God of Communication and Writing, and of Poets
Rhiannon (Welsh) – Goddess of Birds, Horses, Enchantments, Fertility and the Underworld

Chinese Gods & Goddesses

Goddess Names

Kwan Yin – Goddess of Mercy and Compassion

P’an-Chin-Lien – Goddess of Prostitutes
Lei Kun – God of Thunder; chases evil away

God Names

Ti-Tsang Wang – God of Mercy

T’shai-shen – God of Wealth

Tsao Wang – God of the Hearth and Family

Yeng-Wang-Yeh – Lord of Judgment and Death

Yu-Huang-Shang-Ti – God of the Sky, Father of Heaven

Ch’eng-Huang – God of Moats and Walls

Kuan Ti – God of War, the Great Judge

Greek & Roman Gods and Goddesses

Goddess Names

Aphrodite (Greek) – Goddess of Love (Venus)

Artemis (Greek) – Goddess of Childbirth and Hunting (Diana)

Athena (Greek) – Goddess of War, Wisdom and Arts (Minerva)

Ceres (Roman) – Goddess of Agriculture and Good Harvest (Demeter)

Demeter (Greek) – Goddess of Earth, Agriculture and Fertility (Ceres)

Diana (Roman) – Goddess of the Hunt and Protector of Children (Artemis)

Eos (Greek) – Goddess of the Dawn, Mother of the West Wind

Hebe (Greek) – Goddess of Eternal Youth

Hecate (Greek) – Goddess of the
Underworld, Witchcraft and Black Magic

Hera (Greek) – Goddess of Marriage, Family and Home

Minerva (Roman) Goddess of Wisdom, War and Crafts (Athena)

Nemesis (Greek) – Goddess of Vengeance

Nike(Greek) – Goddess of Victory

Persephone (Greek) – Goddess of Fertility and Nature

Selene (Greek) – Goddess of the Moon

Venus (Roman) – Goddess of Love, Protector of Gardens (Aphrodite)

Hestia (Greek) – Goddess of Hearth, Fire and Family Life

God Names

Apollo (Greek) – God of Civilization and the Arts

Ares (Greek) – God of War (Mars)

Cupid (Roman) – The God of Love

Dionysos (Greek) – God of Wine

Hades (Greek) – God of the Underworld and the Dead (Pluto)

Hermes (Greek) – God of Merchants (Mercury)

Hypnos (Greek) – God of Sleep

Jupiter (Roman) – King of the Gods (Zeus)

Mars (Roman) – God of War (Ares)

Mercury (Roman) – God of Merchants (Hermes)

Morpheus (Greek) – God of Dreams

Onysius (Greek)

Pluto (Roman) – God of the Underworld and the Dead (Hades)

Poseidon (Greek) – God of Horses, Earthquakes, Storms and the Sea

Triton (Greek) – Merman Sea God

Zeus (Greek) – Ruler of the Gods (Jupiter)

Norse Gods & Goddesses

Goddess Names

Freya – Goddess of Love, Beauty, War, Magic and Wisdom

Frigga – Goddess Mother of All, Protector of Children

Skadi – Goddess of Winter and Hunting

Hel – Goddess of the Dead and the Afterlife

God Names

Freyr – God of Fertility and Success

Loki – God of Fire, Trickster God

Odin – God of all Men, Father of all Gods

Thor – God of Sky and Thunder

Tyr – God of War and Law

India’s Gods & Goddesses

Goddess Names

Durga – Goddess beyond reach; also known as Shakti (Life Energy) and

Parvati (Family Unity)

Gauri – Goddess of Purity and Austerity

Kali – Goddess of Destruction

Lakshmi – Goddess of Prosperity, Purity, Chastity, and Generosity

Sarasvati – Goddess of Speech, Wisdom and Learning

God Names

Ganesha – God who Removes Obstacles, God of Knowledge

Brahma – God of the Trinity

Hanuman – Monkey God, provider of Courage, Hope, Knowledge, Intellect and Devotion

Krishna – God of Power and Bravery

Rama – Hero God, Preserver of Families, Destroyer of Evil

Shiva – God of Giving and Happiness, Creator

Vishnu – God of Courage, Knowledge and Power; Also known as Hari the Remover

Sumerian Gods & Goddesses

Goddess Names

Ereshkigal – Goddess of Darkness, Gloom and Death

Inanna – Goddess of Love and War

Ki – Goddess of the Earth
Nammu – Goddess of the Sea

Ninhursag – Goddess of the Earth, Fertility

God Names

An – God of the Heavens

Enki – Lord of Water and Wisdom

Enlil – God of Air and Storms

Utu – Sun God, God of Justice

African / Egyptian Gods & Goddesses

Goddess Names

Ani-lbo – Goddess of Birth, Death, Happiness and Love

Bastet – Goddess of Protection

Bes – Goddess of Childbirth and Family; Protection for Children, Pregnant Women and Families

Hathor – Goddess of Love and Joy

Isis – Goddess of Protection and Magic

Ma’at – Goddess of Truth, Justice and Harmony

Nephthys – Goddess of the Dead

Nut – Goddess of the Sky who Covers the Earth

Obatala – Goddess of Earth and People, Creator

Seshat – Goddess of Writing and Measurement

Wadjet – Cobra Goddess, Protector of the King God Names

God Names

Amun – King of the Gods

Anubis – God of the Dead

Atum – First God, God of Perfection

Geb – God of the Earth

Leza – Creator who is Compassionate and Merciful (Rhodesia)

Horus – God of the Sky, Ruler of Egypt

Ngai – High God, Creator and Giver of All Things (East Africa)

Nun – God of Water and Chaos

Nzambi – Unapproachable God, Sovereign Master

Osiris – God of the Dead, Ruler of the Underworld

Ra – Sun God

Raluvhimba – God of the Heavens, Creator
Seth – God of Chaos

Thoth – God of Writing and Knowledge

Of course, there must be many names for the Lord and Lady that I haven’t listed. Feel free to add a comment and your own list of god and goddess names. If you do, I’d appreciate a brief description of where the god or goddess comes from and what their function is. For instance, D Èth – God of the underworld.


Hello World 2

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Okay, let’s get this out of the way so we can move on to more interesting subjects. Come on, you know what I’m talking about. I’m referring to the obligatory introductory blog where I tell you my reasons for writing a web log (blog) and why said blog is not a waste of bandwidth and why reading it is not waste of time.

This blog is my reemergence into the world of writing. My first novel, Is Wanting Enough? was published in June 2002. The novel was six years in writing: two years researching and four years writing and editing.

There were times during those six years when I felt as though the book had possessed me and all there was in my life was the day job as a software engineer and the writing, writing, writing, always the writing. At times I had resented the characters in my story the same way someone might come to resent houseguests who having overstayed their welcome, refuse to leave.

Eventually all things end and so did my constant sojourn behind the word processing screen when the novel was complete. However, I still wasn’t quite finished, next came months of editing, rewriting, and approving galleys. Finally, I painted the cover art for the book. Now, I was done and decided to take some time off.

Well, that time stretched into about three years. During that time, I went on to new experiences and adventures. Now, like Dali’s The Persistence of Vision, my own insistence of composition or just plain old nagging of my muse, I am once again behind the screen of my computer working on a sequel.

I hadn’t always planned that next novel would be a sequel. In fact, when people would ask about the next project, I was most insistent that my next book would not be a sequel. Yet, the more I thought about the story, the more I realized that the story I was telling was about my triune planetary system set approximately 10,000 years after Is Wanting Enough? and after the system had undergone a series of dramatic climatic shifts. In upcoming blogs, I reveal more about a novel that is still unnamed. Any suggestions as to names?

There you have it. We’ve made it through this initial blog together. I hope you return regularly to check on my progress and to keep me honest in my writing endeavors.


Hello World

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Hello World.

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