I always design our own rituals. Even if we use the same liturgy from a previous year, we always design a new cover and inside decorations. I have way too much time to play with Photoshop or GIMP; plus, I enjoy designing the ritual documents. It makes me feel more connected to the ritual.


I’ll post the results of the dark moon tarot reading later this week.


Amergin BlackWolf




Three of Swords

loss, sorrow, betrayal, necessary sacrifice


connection, spirituality, kundalini

Ten of Pentacles

legacy, permanence, wealth, ancestors, wisdom, home


strength, energy, manifestation

Four of Swords – reversed

mental overload, stagnant thinking, tired mind


cooperation, communication, spirit journey

Eight of Pentacles – reversed

no progress, unfulfilling work, lacking skills, cutting corners


connection, spirituality, kundalini

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