News Yule want to hear concerning my Yule list

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First item on the lust (intentional misspelling or was that another Freudian slip?), the mountain bike has been taken care of by my loving wife.

It is a 21-speed Magna Excitor. Granted it’s a bit weighty at 43lbs–that translates into sturdy–but it is a great bike for what I wanted it for: a return to those days when I’d take my bike out and just ride all afternoon. I don’t intend to enter any BMXs or to try to ride the thing off the side of a mountain. However, it should be just the ticket for the trails around our house.

Thanks, Love for the bike.


My Yule List

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All I want for Yule is…

I wish I knew what I wanted. It’s down to a one-day ultimatum from my wife and high priestess: “Tell me what you want for Yule or face the wrath of doom.”

I’m not big on present lists. I’m the sort of guy who through the year as he wants/needs/rationalizes that he needs something just goes out and buys it—after getting permission of course. Therefore, here I am needing to finish the Yule ritual but having to work on this list instead.

Okay, here goes from the subversive to the sublime is my Yule wish list:

  1. To have all republicans die terrible deaths.

Well, you asked what I wanted but since, such a wish is neither in keeping with good karma nor even the spirit of the season, I suppose Bevana won’t be granting me that request—too bad.

  1. For everyone’s carbon emission profile to be zero.

And that means you, you gas guzzling, polluting, driver of a 5 ½ ton SUV who feels they need an armored soccer transport to drive your 1.4 units of progeny to the school soccer field just down the street.

  1. Have a full reversal of all the environmental damage man has done and have people start respecting nature.
  2. To have corporations finally held responsible for their actions towards their employees and towards the environment and to have them finally do the right things and not just the profitable things.

And for any of you who want to bemoan the plight of the privileged rich and how they are unjustly singled out and how they are the true Americans and how you think that I’m some sort of pinko communist subversive and leave me flaming respondent posts, so mote it be. However, I’ll be watching you. Believe me; you don’t want to come under my scrutiny. In addition, I’m a socialist not a communist. If you don’t know the difference then I suggest you go educate yourself.

  1. Screw the world police action.

Pull our troops out of Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, and any other country the illegal Bushwhacker regime feels the need to invade. If the Arabs want to kill each other let them and they can take Bush with them. Oops, I think that number one on the list covered that last point.

  1. I want stuff and cake (suggested by Yumeko)
  2. To finally get off the naughty list.
  3. To have this Yule ritual actually completed by Yule

Don’t worry everyone who is coming to our Yule ritual; it’ll be finished.

All right, I’m through venting. It’s time to compile a list my wife can use. Following are more practical gift selections—although I still like #1.

  1. Mountain Bike
  2. Studio Easel
  3. New office chair
  4. iPod Nano or a better sport MP3 player
  5. Natural light for painting at night
  6. Yoga lessons from the studio in Warner Robins
  7. Any ‘techie’ gadget for your favorite Techno-Mage

I’ve always suffered from 007-envy.

  1. Some sort of gizmo for that Enterprise view-screen we have in our front room or something for the stereo like a good set of headphones.
  2. Sirius portable satellite radio

I looked at the SL100. It’s like an iPod with WiFi and it receives satellite music plus you can store your own MP3s. Only downside is I’d have to get another subscription.

  1. Anything you want to get me. You always seem to think of stuff I never knew I wanted.
  2. A backpack for my laptop.
  3. A USB 2.0 port (around $20)
  4. Sword cleaning kit (Bill’s Blades, Warner Robins)
  5. A new altar?

A friend of mine forwarded the below article and it seemed too special not post on this blog. I wish I new the source of the article so I could furnish a trackback and credit the author.


This was sent by a man in Rhinelander, WisconsinA very eventful day around here… A once-in-many-lifetimes experience! I saw this lil’ feller run out in
front of a car– thought it was a lost baby goat. Stopped to get it, and
WOW!! A real Albino Whitetail Deer. Just hours old, but doing fine.

No Momma deer around. Another car nearly hit it in front of me! Well, he
is the neatest thing any of us ever saw. And such a ‘freak of nature’;
only one in more than a million are ever born. He took his bottle of food,
followed us around the house, and is doing great. So, we called the Zoo &
Fossil Rim, who were both interested, but we’re going to send him to a rehab
farm. Maybe he will make it in captivity somewhere and be appreciated. So
rare… Sure wanted to keep him though but it’s not the thing to do…. not
LEGAL either. Here are a couple of pictures to show you. He was
snow white, pink eyes, ears, nose and hooves. Kids called him POWDER. He was

SO small. That is my shoe lying beside him. WOW! How cool is that??
Pass this around; a lot of folks have never and will probably never see another
picture of an Albino deer fawn……


More Post Turkey Day Postings

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It was bound to happen. You might even say that it was destined to happen many years ago. I’d been dreading the day for many years. During this past year, I’d been consoling myself that it still loomed in the future.

A whole eight months to go.

Six months.

Five months.




One month to “oh no.”

Then it happened on November 23 (one day after turkey day) and it wasn’t so bad: my 49th birthday.

Much to my chagrin, I really didn’t do anything special. I did a few chores around the house, played a little World of Warcraft, read some, etc, etc.

Let’s check the Witches Almanac and see whether there’s something interesting about my birthday. Well, except for the moon being in the 2nd House entering the constellation of Taurus, and the day’s color being rose, and the moon goes void of course around two in the afternoon it was a fairly inauspicious day magickally speaking. It was also a planting day.

Some famous and/or infamous people who share my birthday include the following:

· 1995 Austin Majors (actor)

· 1967 Salli Richardson (actress)

· 1959 Maxwell Caulfield (actor)

· 1955 Bruce Hornsby (pianist, singer)

· 1945 Steve Landesberg (actor)

· 1940 Freddy Marsden (drummer, singer)

· 1940 Betty Everett (singer)

· 1931 Gloria Lynne (singer)

· 1929 Sybil Jason (Jacobs) (actress)

· 1928 Jerry Bock (composer)

· 1925 Johnny Mandel (composer)

· 1915 Ellen Drew (actress)

· 1913 Maurice Zolotow (author)

· 1902 Victor Jory (actor)

· 1888 Harpo (Adolph) Marx (comedian, actor)

· 1887 Boris Karloff (William Henry Pratt) (actor)

· 1859 Billy the Kid (William Bonney) (outlaw)

· 1804 Franklin Pierce (14th US President)

Billy The Kid—hmm, I’m not surprised and a bit impressed.

On my birthday in history these not so notable events occurred:

1889: The first jukebox was installed at the Palais Royal Saloon in San Francisco.

1936: First issue of Life magazine hit the newsstands. The cover photograph, by Margaret Bourke-White, featured the Fort Peck Dam.

1945: U.S. wartime food rationing, of meat, butter, and other foods, ended.

1971: People’s Republic of China was seated at the UN Security Council.

2003: Eduard Shevardnadze resigned as president of Georgia.

However most importantly, this birthday marked just one more year until I turn 50.

I’d better start the countdown now.


Post Thanksgiblets Follies

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I should just let this go; but I find that I can’t. Call it a character flaw. Call it a negative karma wish. Call it my steadfast stubbornness to let even a minor injustice go uncovered.

Wiccans always wonder why they’re such a misunderstood lot. Well, the Warner Robins Meet-up group is a good example why. The meet-up organizer and her husband purport to be third degree Gardnerians. While knowledgeable about Wicca, they’ll never talk about it even at the witches’ meet-up. They don’t like talking about Wicca in the open (open as in at a local coffee shop) because of all the “extreme Baptists” and witch hunters that abound.

[Uh, huh]

Once upon a time, these were valid concerns, but sadly for them, that day has passed. Have you ever noticed how many pagans like to play that religious persecution card?

This leads me to my sad little post-Thanksgiving tale. The organizer, who also runs a local coven, suggested in post on the general meet-up email that it’d be nice to have a post Thanksgiving get together. Now, I believe what this is what happened next—they realized that they had invited 90 people to there house.

In a subsequent meet-up-wide spam they revised the invitation saying that you could only attend if you could get a member from her coven to vouch for you.

[WTF? Wait a minute—the meet-up group is separate from her coven and is a general membership type of organization so why do I need to prove that I’m good enough to eat her leftover turkey?]

“Vouch this,” was my email reply.

She responded by calling me sarcastic.


She said that I could explain myself and deleted me from the meet-up group.

[Maybe I had some of that treatment coming—at least the email mod—maybe.]

Not a huge loss since the group was nothing but a coffee klatch anyway but still the action drew my ire. I responded that I didn’t need to answer to her but I would anyway.

I replied to her last email by explaining while I had no plans to attend her little soiree in the first place but still found the connotations of her invitation rude and that she ought to learn to separate her coven business from administrating the general (and open) meet-up membership. I further added that if she wanted to run a closed coven that was her business (by contrast our coven, Circle of the Dark Moon, and meet-up group is open and welcomes everyone.) but the meet-up group was a more general organization and therefore should not have to be scrutinized the way a dedicant to a coven might be.

In her final email the organizer suggested that I must be a rapist, a witch hunter, or evil to take offense at her ‘rules’ without so much as a I’m-sorry-to-have-offended-but-what-I-meant-was-this. These comments are from the same woman who presided as HPS at my wife’s and mine 25th anniversary handfasting.

[So I’m evil now? Ha, sounds like a promotion from sarcastic. I'll be right over with all my witch hunting friends and maybe I'll even bring an inquisitor or two. Sheesh, and people tell me that I'm paranoid and a conspiracy theorist.]

Ever wonder how witch wars get started?

We as Wiccans need to learn to play nicer together.


Christian Banishing

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In my tradition, Circle of the Dark Moon Tradition of Wicca, I teach tolerance for all paths. However, sometimes, southern extreme evangelical Baptists can try the patience of a would-be Buddha. So, for all you annoying right-wing, republican-voting, anti-environmental, pro-capiatalism-at-the-expense-of-quality-of-life, bible-thumpers, here’s a little quintrain just for you.

Any Christian who genuflects with a “hallelujah” on his lips,
should be strangled with a rosary and bludgeoned with a crucifix.
Crowd your self-righteous pews with congratulations on being one of the few
if your faith decrees, and you must save my soul, pray for me if you like.
And, I’ll dance free and naked in the forest for you in the full moon light.

Okay, everyone feel better now? Take a big cleansing breath and let’s move onward to better things.


One more note about Aviana SnowBlower

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At least Aviana SnowBlower doesn’t charge for her ‘services’ which is good thing since her services aren’t worth anything.


More on the would be queen of the witches

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I don’t mean to beat a flame that’s long-since flickered and died in a mental sense, but, Aviana Snowwolfe this pretend-high-priestess, who touts herself as the greatest thing to hit Wicca since Gardner really infuriates me.

Parents, be warned, Aviana Snowwolfe (Ruth Niehaus) is at best a fluffy bunny and at worst a dangerous charlatan because of her pretentious blatherings. She spends an inordinate amount of time trolling forums trying to impress young people with her feeble skills and knowledge. As a case, in point, look at her reply to a young witch here.

As you can see from Aviana Snowwolfe’s reply, she’s inarticulate and prefers to spend her time trolling the forums as opposed to actually practicing Wicca. A real adept doesn’t feel the need to recite an inflated resume with every forum answer. Besides, as a former member of her so-called coven (3 people including herself, her husband, and one other) I can tell you that Aviana Snowwolfe’s knowledge doesn’t extend beyond the “Wicca for Dummies” level.

She claims to be a Wiccan high priestess. However, when I was a member of her so-called coven, she spent most of the time at meetings telling everyone how sick she was and how tired she was—especially after spending eight hours in a Harry Potter chat room (don’t even get me started.) When it came to rituals, the ones she wrote were merely fluff and demonstrated only a rudimentary understanding of Wiccan ritual. That is when she deigned to hold ritual. Any excuse was a good excuse for her not do ritual. As an example, Samhain of last year and the year before, we didn’t do a coven ritual because she had take her son trick-or-treating. Okay, well and I good we said. So how about the day before Samhain or the day after, or even earlier or later (after trick-or-treating) in the day on Samhain, we all asked.

No, couldn’t do it. Her schedule was much too busy.

Busy? Maybe she should try holding a job. She’s managed to con the system into paying her disability because she claims to be bipolar. Well maybe she is—she certainly is taking enough drugs that she ought at least have some sort of real ailment.

I pointed out to her that our Baptist friends regularly attend services on Wednesdays and Sundays and bible study nights as well, all the while holding real jobs, raising kids, and in some cases going to school themselves. They therefore have just as busy schedules as someone who spends her days in Harry Potter chat rooms. I don’t think that two esbats a month, and eight sabbats a year, is too much for my Goddess and God to ask of me.

Aviana Snow Blower will tell you—and she never misses a chance to—that she has 20 years experience in Wicca. I doubt it as I don’t think the Wisteria tradition has even been around for 20 years. In fact, Wisteria is not a tradition since according to the council of Witches a Wiccan path must be at least three generations old to be considered a tradition. Wisteria has only one hived cell and therefore is only two generations old. Consider that when you’re choosing your path.

Maybe Aviana Snow Blower does have 20 years experience, but it was the same year of experience 20 times.


More about the Fluffy Bunnies

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Sorry to keep belaboring this point but Aviana Snowwolfe, aka Ruth N, Ancient Mysteries, Wisteria Wonderwoman or whatever she is calling herself this week, is a charlatan and people need to know the sort of antics she engages in before they decide to waste time on her plagiarized study program. If all you want to do is get information off the internet, you don’t need her to do that and you’ll save yourself the aggravation of listening to her constant drama.

She claims to be a Wiccan high priestess with 10 years of experience but my sources and my own investigation shows that she’s only been on the pagan scene since 2005.

Here’s the link on Fluffy Bunnies: http://wicca.timerift.net/fluffy.shtml.

Ruth is an avowed feminazi (one who hates men) and has particulary delighted in emasculating her husband and high priest. See this link for a description of her philosophy: http://wicca.timerift.net/goddess_worship.shtml

For those of you interested in a more balanced worshipping experience, and view of the cosmos, my wife and I are beginning a new coven and tradition or possibly just a new coven under the EarthGuard tradition. As ideas become reality, I’ll write more on that subject.


Of Obi-Wannabes, Fluffy Bunnies, and Warlocks

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The warlock is back.

That warlock would be me. Since I’ve ended my association with the Tip of the Weed (er, I mean Vine) Coven run by the Obi-Wannabe (with apologies to George Lucas, the creator of the real Obi-Wan Kenobi), Ruth N., aka Aviana Snowwolfe, I suppose that technically I could be considered a warlock. The dictionary definition of a warlock is listed below this paragraph.

war·lock (wôrl¼k) n. A male witch, sorcerer, wizard, or demon. [Middle English warloghe, from Old English wÆrloga, oath-breaker: wÆr, pledge; see wro- below + -loga, liar (from logan, to lie; see leugh- below).]


leugh-. Important derivatives are: warlock, belie, lie2.

leugh-. To tell a lie.I. 1.a. WARLOCK, from Old English logan, to lie; b. BELIE, from Old English belogan, to deceive (be-, about; see ambhi). Both a and b from Germanic *leugan. 2. LIE2, from Old English lyge, a lie, falsehood, from Germanic *lugiz. [Pokorny leugh- 686.]


wro-. Important derivatives are: warlock, verity, very, verdict, verify, severe, persevere.

wro-. True. 1. WARLOCK, from Old English wÆr, faith, pledge, from Germanic *wra-. 2. VERACIOUS, VERISM, VERITY, VERY; AVER, VERDICT, VERIDICAL, VERIFY, VERISIMILAR, VOIR DIRE, from Latin vrus, true. 3. SEVERE; ASSEVERATE, PERSEVERE, from Latin sevrus, grave, serious; regarded by some as a compound of se-, sed, without (see s(w)e-), and vrus, true, but the semantic difficulties make this explanation improbable. 4. Normal grade *wero-, from *wer-o-. GALORE, from Old Irish roar, enough, from *ro-wero-, sufficiency (*ro-, intensive prefix, from *pro-; see per1). [Pokorny 11. øer- 1165.]

So how did I come to such an ignoble end? All things end, even student-teacher relationships. Especially once the student has become the master and the teacher the student. True, any teacher may learn from their students and it would be surprising if this wasn’t the case, but overall the teacher should know more than the student. That was not the case with Aviana ‘Snow-puppy’.

I had been just shy of my year and a day studying with a Gardnerian coven in south Florida when work necessitated a move to Georgia (See my post, “From ‘F’ to ‘G’.) In addition I had also spent the last year studying under Cara, founder of the EarthGuard tradition and witch queen of more than 30 hived Gardnerian covens. I also studied under a ceremonial magician and did my own studying. Following is my reading list to date:

  1. Wicca Beliefs and Practices, Gary Cantrell
  2. Wicca the Complete Craft, DJ Conway
  3. Buckland’s Complete Book of Witchcraft, Raymond Buckland
  4. Wicca for One, Raymond Buckland
  5. Solitary Wicca for Life, Murphy Hiscock
  6. A Witch Alone, Marian Green (very good for solitaires—first book the Gardnerians had me read)
  7. Instant Magick, Christopher Penzak
  8. Practical Magic for Beginners, Brandy Williams (very good, excellent exercises—this is where I learned my peculiar way of raising energy)
  9. Druid Power, Amber Wolfe
  10. The Woman’s Book of Healing Herbs, Sara Harrar & Sara O’Donnell
  11. A Witch’s Bible, Janet & Stewart Farrar (My favorite reference)
  12. Handfasting and Wedding Rituals, Raven Kaldera & Tannin Schwartzstein
  13. Chakra Yoga, Alan Finger (We need to concentrate more on the basics. Yoga is an excellent way to improve meditation skills)
  14. Eco Shamanism, James Endready
  15. The Lore of the Bard, Arthur Rowan
  16. Magick, Shamanism, and Taoism, Richard Herne
  17. The Ultimate Book of Shadows for the New Generation Solitary Witch, Silver Ravenwolf
  18. The Meaning of Witchcraft, Gerald Gardner
  19. Witchcraft Today, Gerald Gardner
  20. Mystical Secrets for Wealth, Health, and Happiness, Joan Marie
  21. The Way of the Green Witch, Arin Murphy-Hiscock
  22. Power Spellcraft for Life, Arin Murphy-Hiscock
  23. Buckland’s Book of Spirit Communication, Raymond Buckland
  24. The Circle Within, Dianne Sylvan
  25. Empowering Your Life with Wicca, Sirona Knight
  26. Energy-focused Meditation, Genevieve Lewis Paulson (It’s okay but could be better)
  27. Enchanted Titania’s Book of White Magic (Uh, what can I say since I don’t believe in white/gray/black magick; there is only magick. But it’s a nice book anyway
  28. Total Meditation, Susannah Marriott (two thumbs up)
  29. The Good Spell Book, Gillian Kemp (an interesting study of gypsy magick)
  30. Secrets of the Magickal Grimoires, Aaron Leitche
  31. Magick of the Gods and Goddesses, DJ Conway
  32. Three Books of Occult Pholosophy, Henry Cornelius Agrippa (yeah!)
  33. Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs, Scott Cunningham
  34. Drawing Down the Moon, Margot Adler (excellent anthropomorphical study of Pagans in America)
  35. How To Uncover Your Past Lives, Ted Andrews (Did you know that I’ve lived about 600 lifetimes but only 54 of them on Earth—explains a lot doesn’t it)
  36. How to Meet and Work with Spirit Guides, Ted Andrews
  37. Tarot Decoder, Kathleen McCormmack (It’s okay but I like the book that came with the Gilded Tarot better)
  38. The Apocrypha, Gilly Sergiev
  39. The Secrets of High Magic, Francis Melville (An excellent reference on summoning—a good companion to #30, and #32 listed)
  40. Magical Use of Thought Forms, Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki & JH Brennan (not as good as I thought it’d be but still worthwhile)
  41. To Stir a Magick Cauldron, Silver Ravenwolf (a good teen witch book)
  42. Palm Decoder, Tre McCamley
  43. The Gilded Tarot, Tarot reference which came with the set

Whereas Ruth’s reading list as far as I know has been confined to a few of Silver Ravenwolf’s books and a couple of “feminazi” texts, the historically speculative but unscholarly “When God was a Woman”, and “The Chalice and the Blade.” Neither of these books is taken seriously by educated Wiccans. But the common misconception among many charlatans is if you’ve read a Ravenwolf book or two, all you need to do is claim to be Wiccan high-mukety-muck of something or another and faster than you can say, “Sabrina the teenage witch,” poof, there you are an instant Wiccan High Priestess. Ruth never fails to sign all of her emails with the title Wiccan HPS. I wonder whether she realizes that by the nature of our beliefs, everyone is clergy and therefore able to conduct rituals and claim the title of HPS or HP (high priestess/high priest.)

One of the first things I did when arriving in Georgia was to look for a witches’ meet up group. I met Ruth at one such meeting. She claimed to be a Wiccan Wisteria (anybody ever hear of the Wisteria tradition) High Priestess of a local coven (The Tip of the Vine.) After our initial conversation, I asked her to teach us (me and my wife.) While my training at the time was equivalent to that of a master adept, my wife was just beginning her formal training in Wicca and I felt it might be good for her to learn from someone else besides me.

I suppose the first red flag that should have been raised was at the very first study group meeting, when she took more than an hour detailing the woes in her life including the fact that she was bipolar, had curvature of the spine, flat feet, no job, and no health insurance, her car’s transmission was going out—reverse didn’t work—so she had to find parking spaces where she could pull straight through, she had to park on the grass at the doctor’s office for that reason, her lawyer was always calling her (at the time she was putting in for disability but I’m not sure that she’s ever worked—anywhere.)

Well, I’m ‘pie-polar’ myself. Sometimes I like cherry pie and sometimes I like pumpkin pie. I don’t believe in that Oprah/The View disease and think that people who claim to be bipolar are really just looking for an excuse for their inappropriate behaviors, and the inappropriate behaviors would soon start just after me, my wife, Kris, and other student were initiated into the coven.

The first thing I noticed about the group was their lackadaisical approach to observing the sabbats and esbats. However at the time, I thought perhaps the Goddess had brought me to this group to help get them back on track. Ruth would often cite her ‘busy’ schedule as the reason that a sabbat or esbat ritual would need to be skipped. One such occurrence happened on Samhain—the holiest day of the year for witches. The reason that the coven skipped Samhain was because they needed to take their kids trick-or-treating. Okay, I said let’s have ritual either earlier or later on Samhain, or the day before, or day after (preferably the day after—November 1.) No, couldn’t do it—busy, busy, busy schedules. Well, how freaking busy can you be when you don’t work?

Later, we found out that Ruth’s idea of being busy was spending up to eight plus hours a day in Harry Potter chat rooms or playing the MMORPG Runescape. However, still she continued to use the excuse of her busy schedule to dilute the quality of the student lessons, for using canned rituals instead of writing her own, or for shirking her duties as a high priestess and teacher.

Most of her rituals seemed like something downloaded off the internet. If that was what she was doing it wouldn’t surprise me since I know from talking to her that is where she got the lessons she taught as her own material. Upon learning this I asked her if she knew what plagiarism was and she did what she always did when cornered about something. She pulled rank: “I’m the high priestess and what I say goes…”

(To be continued)

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