I had someone write me and ask,

I’m probably looking in all the wrong places, but I’m writing to ask the significance of the ‘ dark moon’ as it’s been driving me nuts for many months.

I feel drawn to the dark moon and I don’t know why…”

First, let’s begin by discussing what a dark moon is. Astronomically, the dark moon is a period of about three days: the day before a new moon, the day of a new moon, and the day after a new moon. A dark moon occurs when the moon is in conjunction with the sun. What being in conjunction means is that the moon is between the Earth and the Sun. You can’t see the moon during the dark moon period—hence the term, “dark moon”—because essentially, the moon is lost in the glare of the sun. See the diagram below this paragraph. moon phases

What is now referred to as a waxing gibbous moon—the first crescent sliver that is visible of the moon as it once again grows larger—used to be called the new moon, and the period when you couldn’t see the moon was called the dark moon. However, over time, the dark period of the moon—no crescent visible—became known as the new moon instead of the crescent sliver.

But, I’m sure you didn’t write me for an astronomy lesson. You’re probably wondering about the magickal properties of the dark moon. I’ll see if I can’t help you there as well. Let’s refer back to the diagram above for a minute. If you notice where the Moon is in relation to the Sun, you’ll see that the two are in line, and if you were to look a this configuration headon, you’d see our tiny Moon inside the Sun—at least that’s how it would appear to an observer on Earth. Magickally what this configuration signifies is nothing less than the union of the psychic energies of male and female. In many systems of magick, witchcraft especially, it’s important to maintain a balance of male and female energies. In our tradition—the Dark Moon Traditon—for example we worship both a Goddess and a God.

What other significance can the Dark Moon hold for us magickally? The moon is both  mysterious and triune (as in the triple-aspects of the Goddess where she is Earth Mother, Maiden, and Wise Crone.) The moon stands for all that is ethereal and mystical. It allows one to enter the realm of imagination, intuition, and wonder—the seeds of magick. The Moon’s element is water, meaning that the Moon heightens   emotional, nurturing,  aspects of magick. However, despite all these warm and fuzzy feelings, the dark moon is a powerful time for working banishing magick (magick where you want to rid something or someone from your life.) During the dark moon one can also call upon the wisdom of the Crone who is the Queen of all Sorceries. This magick can be a powerful force for effecting change in your life.

Remember I mentioned that the Dark Moon is a the product of the Sun and Moon being in conjunction? So, let’s look at the Sun for a minute (metaphorically of course since I wouldn’t want you to go blind.) Whereas the Moon is all mystery and mysticism, and misty thoughts, the Sun is all about the blinding light of truth and manifestation of will. The Sun’s elemental fire brings warmth and light to the world of dreams that Moon rules. While the Moon may bring the imaginings of dreams (or the need for something) the might of the Sun brings to fruition the axiom of “As above so below.”  Or to say it another way, “As so we send our intentions or want to the astral plane these same intentions or wants are sent back to Earth and are fulfilled in our reality.” To state it in a very overly-simplified sense, the Sun and the Moon complete each other.

Another thing that is signifigant about a Dark Moon (or a Full Moon, or any celestial alignment for that matter) is that anytime there is such a conjunction, there occurs a thinning of the veil between this world and the Otherworld. When this happens many wonderful things may occur: psychic phenomenon, “ghost” sightings, or other occult manifestations. During this time it is especially a good opportunity to practice divination (tarot, scrying, dark mirror gazing, etc.), spirit communication via séance or witch board, and for working magick. Of course this is true during a Full Moon. But it is especially true during a Dark Moon or a sabbat such as Samhain. This is because the Dark Moon is more closely allied with the Crone and as such it is a good time to channel her power and wisdom.

As to why you’re drawn to the Dark Moon; there could be several reasons. Perhaps you’re coming of age magickally, and you’re beginning to feel the first stirrings of your own magick. Maybe the Dark Moon plays prominently in your astrological chart. Without knowing your birth date, time, and place, it’s hard to say. Or perhaps some Godform, who has an affinity with the Dark Moon, has selected you for patronage. All who walk this path, will at one time or another find themselves inexplicably drawn to something without knowing why. However, when the time is right, you will know why you were drawn to a thing.

I hope I haven’t bored you too much and more importantly, the information here has helped you understand what a Dark Moon is, what its signifigance is, and why you are drawn to the Dark Moon.



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I wish these interminable website changes would finally be finished so I can get back to writing. 


Stop Stealing Bandwidth

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Some of you may have seen this image before. In fact, some you may have seen it recently when you signed on to whatever social fritter-your-time-away-with-twitter networking site you subscribe to. Expecting to see your avatar, you instead saw my little message to you.

Your immediate reaction was probably something along the lines of “what an asshole. He took down the picture I was using and replaced it with this stop sign graphic. Doesn’t he know that everything on the internet is supposed to be free. How dare he. Now I have to find another f***ing picture for my avatar.”

Well children, if you had played nice I wouldn’t have taken away your picture. In fact at the time, all the graphics on my site were able to be downloaded. It was only when I’d found literally hundreds of links to that graphic did I take action.

I’m not going to go into a big lecture here about hotlinking. Anybody savvy enough to hotlink already knows that it is theft of bandwidth–or maybe you don’t.Hence, the reason I’m not too up in arms.

Anyway since it’s so popular, I’ve posted the now notorious pentacle02a picture below this paragraph. Make as many copies as you like, or even hotlink to it. This picture is on Blogger, and not my servers so I don’t care.

In a way I’m flattered that the graphic is so popular. But since we run many applications on our servers including a large database, we really need all the bandwidth we can muster. I know, I know by even having that graphic up there is allowing site hits. I was hoping people would get the message with the stop sign graphic.

Anyway, as I said, below is the original pentacle02a.jpg picture courtesy of Circle of the Dark Moon.

Enjoy the graphic.

This announcement has been a long time in coming.

Effective July 20, The Circle of the Dark Moon Meetup sites in Warner Robins, GA and Akron, OH will no longer be available. All further group activities, for that matter any activities, announcements, or class scheduling will be coordinated through http://circleofthedarkmoon.org.

As I said at the first, this announcement has been a long time in coming. The original time frame for the changeover was May/June of this year. However, problems with the database implementation offered by our ISP eventually led to us having to host the database on our own servers. That solution took longer to arrive at than we hoped.

Why are we making this change?
There are several good reasons that we’re shifting all activity to our domain.

1. It’s been a lot of work maintaining three sites: the Warner Robins meetup, the Akron meetup, and our own domain site, which ultimately suffered because we spent too much time maintaining the meetup sites. The biggest chore was maintaining accurate calendars of activities for all three sites. The new calendar page that lists activities for both Warner Robins and Akron (including class times) is located at http://circleofthedarkmoon.org/calendar.asp.
As you will note, the calendar widget is powered by Google and is free—always a good price in these hard economic times. Sorry, everyone else is overusing phrase for his or her own ends so I thought would too.

2. It’s been expensive maintaining the meetup sites. We’ve been paying meetup.com $19 USD / month essentially for the privilege of using free tools wrapped in a website and a UNIX CHRON job. By dumping Meetup.com, we’ll have more time and monetary resources to expand the functionality of our own website. Planned enhancements to the http://circleofthedarkmoon.org website include the following:

a. Add the ability to upload your picture or an avatar.

b. Add a member list page along the lines of meetup.

c. Addition of a forums page. In fact we’ll be using the same forum engine that meetup uses. This is a free forum application. It’s as I said earlier, meetup essentially cobbled a bunch of free applications together in a website wrapper and charges $19 a month to use the site. Well, good for them but we refuse to pay them any longer.

d. Add a page to edit your account settings This is the next enhancement and should be complete no later than the first week of August.

e. Overhaul some of the content.

f. Begin assigning email addresses to registered users from our domain so they don’t have to use their personal email addresses.

3. We think it’s important for us to increase our web presence and search engine popularity by moving our content back onto our own domain instead of having our content make meetup more popular in web searches.

What does this mean to me?

The most important thing for you to do is to register at http://circleofthedarkmoon.org. Go to our homepage, and click “Membership” on the menu. You’ll be taken to a page where you can register your information—note that we require very little personal information. Registration is easy and shouldn’t take as long to complete as reading this post.

Aside from having to register at our site, nothing else really changes. We are not dissolving or going away. We’re still going to be the most active teaching coven in Georgia; we’re still going to hold in-person and online classes; and we’re still going to be holding open circles for all sabbats and esbats. And, all registered users will continue to receive email updates about upcoming events and other items of interest. We’re just not going to be listed on meetup any longer.

What happens on 20 July?

We’ve spoken (well emailed) Meetup.com about this and the only way they will delete a meetup group (even group owners cannot delete their own groups) is if a meetup group has no members.


If I merely step down as organizer or leave meetup, meetup.com will open up the sites to be taken over by anyone with $19 in their wallets. Apparently, meetup is more concerned about getting their monthly extortion than protecting the privacy of meetup members. By allowing any Tom, Dick, or Johnny-joined-lately spammer (and yes spammers watch meetup for groups that are open for new organizers) all of your personal information is at risk.

Therefore, in order to get meetup to shut these groups down, we are going to delete all the members from each meetup group on 20 July. You will receive an email to that effect and the reason for being removed from the group will be something to effect that this meetup group is being moved to Circle of the Dark Moon domain.

Please don’t take offense at being removed. It’s not because you did anything wrong. We’re doing this to protect your privacy. Belief us we’d rather not do it. It’s going to be a pain manually removing almost 200 members.

Yes, I’m finally done with this long post.

We don’t want to leave anyone dry-docked as it were especially the Akron area members. We’d been working with a couple of assistant organizers there to facilitate local meetings and possibly even arrange for group rituals. We can certainly still use the help, so any interested parties including current assistant organizers should contact us via http://circleofthedarkmoon.org/ContactUs.asp.

In closing, there are just a couple of things to remember:

1. Register at http://circleofthedarkmoon.org. (if you’ve already registered there you don’t have to register again.

2. Please don’t take offense at being removed from the meetup groups.

3. And please accept our apologies concerning the “last minuteness” of this announcement. We thought we were paid up through the end of the month with meetup since they’ve been charging our credit card the first of the month. This would of given about a two week notice before the shutdown, but according to meetup we’re only paid up until 20 July.

On behalf of myself, Duir, my wife, and fellow coven sisters and brothers, we hope to merry meet all of you again at our/your site: http://circleofthedarkmoon.org.

This announcement will be repeated this weekend and on the day of the 20th. In addition a copy of this announcement will be placed in the forums and our website blog.

Meetup is dead.

Long live The Circle of the Dark Moon. HIP HIP HUZZAH!


Dedications 2008

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Congratulations to our new dedicants for 2008.

Dedication is usually a first step for coveners as well as solitaires. It is a group or personal declaration of intent to follow the Wiccan path and always strive to honor the Gods, increase your knowledge of the craft, and live by the rede. Within traditions such as the Dark Moon tradition dedication is usually followed after a period of study (traditionally a year and a day) which leads to a first degree (the dedicant is now considered a true witch).

After a first degree comes a second degree where the witch now takes on the responsibility of teaching first-years and additional coven responsibilities.

Upon attaining a third degree a witch may decide to leave the coven and hive-off forming their own coven. For those third degree witches remaining in the coven, there are adept and master adept degrees.

Our dedicant list for this year include (alphabetically)

Amanda B
Lisa + Steve
Rae (dedicated remotely)

Congratulations dedicants.


Bealtaine Rune

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Our bard has once again taken it upon himself to rewrite the Witches’ Rune (oh the blasphemy for the dogmatically impaired.) I hope you like it. Use it in your ritual if you like. What he’s wriiten really does capture the spirit of Beltane in 28 lines.

Bealtaine Rune

A Maying, a Maying we come between April and June.
Hearken unto the Bealtaine Rune.
East then South, West then North,
Dance about the Maypole then sally forth!

A nutting, a nutting we will go,
from sunset ‘till Beltane morn’s first glow.
We’ll look for nuts ‘neath streamers of the Maypole.
If we can’t find any, off to the greenwood we’ll go.

Out of sight, we’ll pick flowers by the dim light.
Don’t look for us; we’ll be out all night.
We’ll gather hawthorn and alder decorated with balls bright,
Twined like lovers laying the night’s delights.

It’s so very dark here in the greenwoods.

We might meet Little John Maid Marian, or Robin Hod.

Come harvest will be a new crop to remember this May Eve:

Hodsons, Robinsons, Johnsons more than you might believe.

Horned hunter of the night,
with the Goddess by his side,
Embrace and smile to see such a sight,

Couples everywhere beyond the balefire’s light.

Back to the fire for one last run.

Bid farewell to the Goddess and the Horned One.

By the power of the Moon and Sun,

Jump the flame for luck and because it’s fun.

By the morning light we’ll parade our charade.
With woven boughs and garlands we made,
We’ll leave flowers and nuts in each doorway,
As a pretense for spending May Eve in the glade.


A Beltane Primer

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I found this article about Beltane on paganweb.com.
Beltane is a fertility festival, concerned with Nature enchantments and offerings to wildlings and Elementals. The return of full-blown fertility is now very evident. The powers of elves and fairies are growing and will reach their height at the Summer Solstice.

Beltane, most commonly pronounced “BELL-tayn”, but also can be “BEEL-teen”, “BEEL-tawn-uh”, or “B’YAL-tinn”, is one of the Greater Pagan Sabbats and is usually celebrated on May 1st. In the Celtic tradition it is celebrated on May 1st or the first Full Moon in Taurus. The Scottish tradition of PectiWita celebrate their Sabbat on May 15th.

Other names used for this Sabbat are Bealtaine (Irish Wittan), Whitsun or Old Bhealltainn (Scottish PectiWita), Bealtinne (Caledonii or the Druids), Samhradh and La Baal Tinne (Faery Wicca), Roodmas, Rudemas (Mexican Craft), Walburga (Teutonic), Walpurgisnacht (German), Walpurgis Eve, Celtic Summer, Giamonios, Tana’s Day – La Giornata di Tana (Aridian Strega), Floralia, The Great Rite, May Day, and May Eve. It is also known as Cetshamain in Ireland, and is one of the few specifically Irish festivals.

Beltane is the time of year when we celebrate new life, fertility and the earth’s ripe abundance in all its forms. It is a time of pure joy, bliss, and playfulness.

For many, crops are planted and animals bred. As Pagans we honor the divine union of the God and Goddess, and the consummation of that marriage which we believe symbolically fertilizes our crops, our animals, and ourselves. It is also a time of beginnings, the beginnings of many new projects.

Celebrate Beltane

  • Arise at dawn and wash in the morning dew: the woman who washes her face in it will be beautiful; the man who washes his hands will be skilled with knots and nets.
  • If you live near water, make a garland or posy of spring flowers and cast it into stream, lake or river to bless the water spirits.
  • Prepare a May basket by filling it with flowers and goodwill, then give it to one in need of caring, such as a shut-in or elderly friend.
  • Beltane is one of the three “spirit-nights” of the year when the faeries can be seen. At dusk, twist a rowan sprig into a ring and look through it, and you may see them.
  • Make a wish as you jump a bonfire or candle flame for good luck—but make sure you tie up long skirts first!
  • Make a May bowl —wine or punch in which the flowers of sweet woodruff or other fragrant blossoms are soaked—and drink with the one you love.

Celebrants sometimes jump over broomsticks, especially at Handfastings which are very common during this season, or dance around May Poles, as both of these are symbols of fertility.

Traditional activities include blowing horns, and gathering flowers. Solitary Practitioners might consider the weaving together of ribbons as an alternative to creating and dancing around the May Pole.

Many like to celebrate Beltaine by decorating their homes and themselves with fresh flower garlands, or by stringing up greenery around their homes and places of work.

Sending flowers to loved ones, planting new gardens, cleaning out the cupboards and general spring cleaning are all traditional Beltaine gestures.

Plaiting and weaving straw, creating things with wicker, making baskets and fabrics are traditional arts for this turn in the Wheel of the Year.

Symbols of Beltane

Traditional symbols used to represent Beltane are the May Pole (the traditional full-size one is about 10 feet tall), May baskets, crossroads, eggs, butterchurns and chalices. Symbolically, many Pagans choose to represent Beltane with fresh flowers all around the ritual area as well as their homes and the cauldron is often totally filled with gorgeous Springtime flowers. Roses, bluebells, marigolds, daisies, primroses, violets and lilac are associated with Beltane.

Beltane Altar

Altars are generally adorned with seasonal flowers. Other appropriate altar decorations for the season include mirrors, a small May pole, phallic-shaped candles to represent fertility, and daisy chains.

Gods and Goddesses of Beltane

Appropriate Deities for Beltane include all Virgin-Mother Goddesses, all Young Father Gods, all Gods and Goddesses of the Hunt, of Love, and of Fertility. Some Beltane Goddesses to mention by name here include Aphrodite, Arianrhod, Artemis, Astarte, Venus, Diana, Ariel, Var, Skadi, Shiela-na-gig, Cybele, Xochiquetzal, Freya, and Rhiannon. Beltane Gods include Apollo, Bacchus, Bel/Belanos, Cernunnos, Pan, Herne, Faunus, Cupid/Eros, Odin, Orion, Frey, Robin Goodfellow, Puck, and The Great Horned God.

Colors of Beltane

The most common colors associated with Beltane are white and dark green, and red… but also appropriate are all the colors of the rainbow spectrum itself. Stones to use during the Beltane celebration include sapphires, bloodstones, emeralds, orange carnelians, and rose quartz.

Plants and Animals of Beltane

Plants and herbs associated with Beltane are primrose, yellow cowslip, hawthorn, roses, birch trees, rosemary, and lilac. Also included are almond, angelica, ash trees, bluebells, cinquefoil, daisies, frankincense, ivy, marigolds, satyrion root, and woodruff.

Animals associated with Beltane are goats, rabbits, and honey bees. Mythical beasts associated with Beltane include faeries, pegesus, satyrs, and giants.


Use lilac, passion flower, rose or vanilla. These can be used alone or blended as you like.


Dairy foods and eggs are in tune with this season. Sweets of all kinds, honey, and oats are all fine foods for Beltane. Simple dishes such as vanilla ice cream and egg custard are quite traditional fare on this day. For something a little different, try some of the recipes below:


More on Christian banishments

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One of my students emailed me a couple of questions. She was especially concerned about the use of prayer as a form of manipulative magick. Below, are her questions and my answers.

  1. What are the classifications for the God and Goddess candle?

I’m not sure what you meant here. If you’re asking what element they belong to, they represent deity so either they are above elements or it could be said that they belong to the fifth element, spirit. If you’re asking about gender, the God candle is male and the Goddess candle is female. Also, once consecrated and dressed, they are considered altar tools just like an athame or pentacle.

If I’ve misunderstood your question, perhaps you can rephrase it so my poor stuffy head can understand what you’re asking.

  1. What kind of protection spells are effective against Christian prayers?

It was quite astute of you to recognize prayer as a system of magick. A prayer is a petitionary type of spell. The basic difference between a prayer and a spell is as you said the Christian doesn’t recognize personal empowerment so they call upon a higher power than themselves to change their reality. Whereas, the witch realizes that they have a connection to divinity and therefore have it within themselves to effect change in their reality via an act of will (almost the textbook definition of magick.)

Yes, you were also correct to see Christian prayers directed at you (or in their parlance, “prayed for you”) as a form of manipulative magick, and therefore a violation of the Rede. In this case, you would be justified in performing a binding, or banishment. However, unless you know the specific parties, a binding/banishment might be ineffectual to say possibly harmful if you bound the wrong entity. Yes, I might magickally nuke an entire congregation to get the guilty party but that’s just me.

If you Google “Christian banishing” I have the number one spot on the returned list of hits. Ah, the notoriety.

So let’s instead deflect their these prayer/spells.

Here’s what I wrote—just in jest mind you.

Any Christian who genuflects with a “hallelujah” on his lips,
Should be strangled with a rosary and bludgeoned with a crucifix.
Crowd your self-righteous pews with congratulations on being one of the few
If your faith decrees and you must save my soul, pray for me if you like.
And, I’ll dance free and naked in the forest for you in the full moon light.

Let’s see if we can make the above a little more practical for our intentions

(Suggested stones: Amber & Jet—if you can get it, or I’d use either a nice smooth and flat piece of snowflake obsidian, Hematite, or onyx—these are more readily available. If all else fails, ask Kris, we may have some obsidian.


Obsidian Snowflake / Hematite (Mirror Stone)

· Absorbing and grounding negative energy, Reflecting evil, healing, and balances energy flow

· Element: Earth

· Planet: Saturn

· Planet Day: Saturday

· Gender: Feminine

· Planetary Hours: 06:28-07:38, 14:37-15:48, 22:17-23:04, 03:52-04:41

Hemp (Cannabis Sativa)

· Healing, Love, Visions, Meditation, Psychic Ability, and Divination

· Element: Water

· Planet: Saturn

· Planet Day: Saturday

· Gender: Feminine

· Planetary Hours: 06:28-07:38, 14:37-15:48, 22:17-23:04, 03:52-04:41

Casting the Spell

  1. Using the hot glue gun, attach the pendant fastener to the crystal.
  2. Run or otherwise connect the hemp cord to or through the fastener.
    1. If using more than one color cord, you made braid the cords. Be sure to tie off the ends otherwise, the braids will unravel.
  3. Place the amulet within a magick circle, and or upon a pentacle in order to charge the amulet. You may leave the object for a time to charge or proceed straightaway to the mechanics of casting in the following steps.

In addition, a protection sigil could be painted onto the amulet or some other personal article.

We haven’t discussed sigils yet so instead of a sigil we’ll just use a pentagram. Using modeling paint or some such, paint a sigil or pentagram upon one side of the stone and some other power symbol that has meaning for you upon the other side. Maybe you could use gold & silver paint?

Next taking the hemp cord—I know Kris has plenty of this along with fasteners and clasps—a fastener/clasp and fashion a necklace amulet out of the stone, hemp cord, fasteners, and clasp while saying the below activation spell clause.

Silvery light of crystal hematite (or obsidian),

Your glowing surrounds me, and leaves me protected.

Unwanted energies directed at me are deflected.

Herb of hemp encircles me like smoke about my head.

Protect me from unwanted prayer energy that cause me dread.

(Hold the finished amulet out before you and recite)

Crowd your self-righteous pews,

With congratulations on being one of the few.
If you must save my soul, pray for me if you like.
And, I’ll dance free, unaffected, and fully protected,

Your unneeded prayers reflected, by might of my shield of silvery light.

(Take the newly charged talisman in your hand and see a shield of light form around you. Now whenever you have need of it you can call upon this talisman to envelop you in a shield of light which reflects all unwanted prayer energy away from you and recite:)

This is my spell; this is my will.

As it is above, so it is manifest below.

It is my bidding that you reflect all harm and negativity away from me.

So mote it be

Perform the spell on a Saturday, preferably during a new moon or waning lunar quarter—ideally; the moon should be in Capricorn (just for the Saturn correspondence.) If you must choose, then choose lunar phase over day. Plan your working during the hours of 06:28-07:38, 14:37-15:48, 22:17-23:04, or 03:52-04:41. When performing the spell recite the incantation three times.


Not a Real Coven?

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Not a real coven?

M, (Name withheld to minimize her embarrassment) the self-described witch queen of Warner-Robins has been telling people that the Circle of the Dark Moon is not a real coven, that only she and her husband are true witches, and that our circle is a bunch of upstarts. She’s been discouraging people from attending our classes, signing up for our meetup.com group, and has even threatened members of her own coven with “warlocking” (never seen the term used as a verb before) if they have anything to do with us.

Sounds like somebody’s worried and it isn’t anyone from our circle.

The Oxford Unabridged dictionary succinctly defines a coven thus:



  • noun a group of witches who meet regularly.
  • — ORIGIN variant of archaic covin ‘band of people’, from Latin convenire ‘come together’.

Not necessarily an endorsement of being a coven or not but let’s examine what as a group, the Circle of the Dark Moon has accomplished.

  • Formed an open circle which welcomes all who have a sincere desire to honor the Lord and the Lady.
  • Conduct regular rituals for Sabbats and Esbats as well.
  • Established the Dark Moon Tradition (well technically it’s not a tradition yet—we’re shy one circle from being able to call ourselves a true tradition.)
  • Opened a Wiccan training school that features classes on a wide array of subjects. See our curriculum page or our classes page for further information about our training courses.
  • Initiated the Dark Moon Alliance which is a cooperative outreach program that encompasses circles/covens in the states of Georgia, Indiana, and Ohio.
  • Expanded our classroom into the virtual realm where we now offer internet classes via TeamSpeak.
  • Established an affiliation with the Aquarian Tabernacle Church.

While it is true that we don’t walk on water. We don’t need to. The seas part before us instead.

Now let’s look at what a ‘real coven’ does according to M.

· Practices secrecy for the sake of secrecy because all those rabid Christians and their witch-hunter friends are out to get you.

Uh huh. M, I bet you’re really sorry that you’re not living in the 15th century. At least if that were true, then some of your paranoia would be justified.

· Tries to schedule her events to overlap established event dates for other groups.

Unfortunately for you, M, our coven (ooh there I used the word) has so many events, you go ahead and knock yourself out trying to block our dates. Your group really doesn’t have that many events—and oh wait they’re secret anyway (no admittance without someone to vouch for you.) And we all thought that republicans came up with the idea for vouchers.

· Uses her coven to “shop new bods” for her polyamory group.

This last point I really don’t understand. In these days of teacher/student sex scandals (how come I never had any teachers like that when I was in school?), I have to wonder isn’t she worried about someone with a more malicious bent than me sending an email link to her polyamory site to all the local school boards? I can imagine if someone did that M would have a lot more time on her hands to manage her coven. That could be a good and a bad thing.

As I said above M is worried. And I don’t see why. The pagan community can only benefit from having more and more open groups to choose from. Or as one of my teachers remarked why choose? Study everything. Try many paths. As someone wiser than me pointed out—that the pagan community has enough problems without fighting amongst ourselves. I guess we could join the Christians if we wanted to do that.

I already see some positives from having more than one coven in the area:

  • M has been forced to bring her group out of the broom closet. Albeit she’s only cracked the door ajar. But it’s a start. She had to do that out self-preservation since her group suffers from flagging numbers. It doesn’t matter if have 102 members, if only 29 of them are active. Our circle has 34 active members, 13 active members in the Akron extension, and another 48 (although the counts from the Alliance website are flaky at best) members from the Dark Moon Alliance.
  • M has started giving classes (at 2:00 PM Sundays–opposite my internet classes of course. ) She only began giving classes since the word spread of the success of the Circle of the Dark Moon’s instruction program. Ah well, it’s true that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery

Ultimately after we’ve laid our wands and athames aside, it’s about serving the Lord and the Lady, about knowing your craft and attuning to nature, and about finding your own path and your own enlightenment.

Enlightenment isn’t a competition, it’s a cooperation.

From the street of Wall,
make the mighty fall.
Make them suffer the ignominy,
of corporate and personal bankruptcy.

Let them know the lot of the common man,
strip them of their wealth, their pride, and their healthcare plans.
Send them into the streets,
with no homes, no clothes, and nothing to eat.

Sorry that’s the way I feel. We’ve been ruled by the illegal bush (note, I refuse to capitalize the bastard’s name) fascist regime too long. Time to make them pay and redistribute the wealth from the elitist 1% back to the struggling 99%.

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