About The Circle of the Dark Moon Coven

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the Circle of the Dark Moon (CotDM). CotDM is a teaching coven that follows the Dark Moon Tradition. The Dark Moon Tradition is described as a,

“…mix of Alexandrian Wicca, and Ceremonial Magick, with a bit of British Traditionalism, and Gardnerianism ideals included for good measure.”

However, ours is not an eclectic tradition. While we have borrowed ideas from other traditions, we’ve only borrowed similar ideologies, and our teachings reflect a defined path and philosophy.

In circle, and in-group workings, we follow a Celtic pantheon, but encourage our members to form relationships with their own Deities.

We are organized into an outer circle (for casual members), and an inner circle (comprised of initiated members, and members who have a special relationship with us.)

What’s it like joining the ‘dark side’? Well, for one thing, we have better cookies. Of course, we meant the previous remark tongue-firmly-in-cheek. However, we say seriously, be prepared to better yourself, your magick, and your spirituality. We believe you’ll find many advantages to registering at our website, http://circleofthedarkmoon.org for membership. We believe some benefits to registering include the below list:

  • Open Rituals
    • Where all are welcome who come with a sincere desire to honor the Lord and the Lady.
    • Rituals usually start at 8:00PM, and last about an hour with a following potluck.
    • See our calendar page at http://circleofthedarkmoon.org/calendar.asp for more details.
  • Classes in Wicca & Magick
    • Currently we have First Degree & Second Degree classes in session.
    • We also hold online classes via the internet and TeamSpeak software.
      • These are live classes with a teacher which includes lectures, and question & answers sessions.
      • These classes may be applied toward initiation requirements.
    • See http://circleofthedarkmoon.org/classes.asp for more information about our curriculum and registration for classes.
    • Classes are free of charge except for the purchase of books and materials.
  • Group Mind Exercise Sessions (GME)
    • GME is our newest activity. It is a non-ritual, non-magickal, but hopefully still spiritual gathering for socializing and exercising at our covenstead every Saturday at 2:00 PM.
    • Activities include: gentle Yoga, T’ai Chi Chuan, Nature Walks, Guided Meditations, and hopefully in the future more vigorous exercises such as short runs and bike rides.

  • Field Trips and Other Learning Experiences
    • Annual trek to the Georgia Renaissance Faire.
    • Visits to herb farms.
    • Community Outreach programs.

  • An informative website — http://circleofthedarkmoon.org
    • Upon becoming a registered member,or becoming a student,
      • You will have access to our Online Book of Shadows.
      • You will have access to our Wytchboard Forums.
      • You can read about the latest Circle of the Dark Moon news, or just his latest rant in, Scrivener’s Scribblings, our weblog and newsletter.

Finally, we are pleased to announce affiliation with the Aquarian Tabernacle Church.

If any of this information sounds interesting, please avail visit our website at