Litha is the Wiccan term for summer solstice–which varies between June 20 and June 24, depending on the year. It entails a number of different celebrations and observances, many centering on children and notions of play. Faeries, too, become a part of the Litha celebration–the day supposedly brings us closer to the supernatural world, which William Shakespeare celebrated in his famous play, A Midsummer Night’s Dream. You can leave offerings for the faeries in many ways, either as means of securing their blessings (and not being bewitched like Bottom or Rip Van Winkle), or just as a fun activity for you and your kids.

  • Find a suitable place to leave offerings for the faeries. Faerie folk tend to congregate in wooded areas, in the hollows of trees and near water. If you have a garden, you can prepare an altar for your offerings by planting flowers they might like, such as roses, bluebells, or lilacs. A fountain or small pool in your garden works well as an altar too.
  • Locate a place inside where you can leave offerings. If you live in an apartment or urban area, you can still find a place to honor the faeries on Litha. Household faeries such as brownies inhabit people’s homes, no matter where they are. Clear a section of countertop, dresser, or fire hearth for your altar and leave the offering in a saucer or a wicker basket.
  • Prepare food as an offering yourself. Faeries don’t usually like processed or pre-packaged foods, though they do enjoy milk and/or honey when served in a saucer. Baked goods such as bread and small cakes make much better offerings, especially if you prepare them in your own oven.
  • You can use flowers and summer herbs as offerings as well. Faeries appreciate them. If possible, plant the flowers so that they will grow and bloom, rather than presenting cut flowers.
  • Leave the offerings at least one night. Check the calendar and make sure you have the correct date for Litha or Midsummer’s Night (June was midsummer in the old calendars). It varies from year to year and astronomical sites will tell you exactly when Litha falls on the year in question.
  • Sing and dance when you leave your offerings. Faeries love chanting music and dancing and will be more inclined to approach your offerings.
  • Thank the faeries before you leave. If you want to ask them for help, Litha is a good time to do it, but try to ask for unselfish things, such as good health for your friends and families. Faeries turn their noses up at selfish requests for help.
  • Don’t be worried if the faeries don’t eat the food (or your kids ask why the faeries haven’t taken their offerings). They can absorb the essence of the food without actually eating it or appear as an animal and consume it that way.
  • Remove the food after is has been sitting a day or two. The faeries have likely removed all sustenance from it and even if they haven’t, it will begin to turn.

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