I made a new ‘friend’ today.

This morning I was on my usual morning walk with Loki and Gaia arrayed to either side happily accompanying me, on leash and in the heel position, when this car pulls up behind us and the driver lays on the horn. Irritated, I turned and the driver continued to pull alongside me. Stopping, she hit the button to roll down the passenger side window and proceeded to remonstrate: “I’ve got my three year-old grandson in the car with me. And, if he ever got bitten by one of those dogs there’d be such a lawsuit Heaven would cry. So as long as my grandson lives with me those dogs don’t need to be in this alley.” The ‘alley’ really is a dead-end street maintained by the city.

Now, those of you who know me well probably don’t need to read any further since you know that I don’t respond kindly to people like this woman.

I chose my words very carefully for clearly here was a dried up old woman, closer to being a corpse than being corporeal, and clinging to the last embers of maternal instinct long since extinguished by menopause. “Is this street private property?” I asked.

“Well, no but…”

I put my best diplomatic foot forward. “Well then, until such time as something happens I suggest you fuck off and mind your own business. Furthermore, if you’re worried about your grandson, then keep your daughter’s demon spawn out of street.”

She took her leave with such southern charm and words that would have made Scarlet blush. All during this exchange, to my utmost pride, the dogs, Loki and Gaia stopped by my side and went into a perfect sit totally ignoring the woman and me. I wish I could have done the same, or better yet never even  have met her.


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Good for you! I totally would have done the same thing you did. Lol. *new follower from Vermont*

January 14th, 2014 at 17:13