wiccan-raven-magic-pentagramRegistration is open for first, second, third , adpetus minor, and adeptus master courses at the the Circle of the Dark Moon School of Wicca, Wytchcrafte, and Magick (CotDM) for those seeking initiation as a witch in the Circle of the Dark Moon Coven. Classes are taught in a lecture format. For some classes there is a suggested list of books to buy. Sometimes there are full printed lessons, at other times the instructor lectures with only an outline for a lesson plan. The classes are informal but sometimes there are homework assignments (usually these consist of research assignments to be discussed the next time as at this time the staff want to minimize demands upon adults’ sometimes busy schedules.) Classes are about one hour in length and usually consist of a question and answer period at the beginning, a lesson, and another question and answer discussion at the end of class. For more information, contact us at our website (https://circleofthedarkmoon.org), FaceBook page (circle.of.the.dark.moon), Twitter (darkmooncoven), or email (info @ circleofthedarkmoon . org). Additionally you should you should contact the organizers via Skype (circleofthedarkmoon) and request to be added to our Skype contacts. There is no prohibition against student belonging to both the online and in-person study groups.


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