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The Elder Futhark Runes

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Huzzah! Healthcare reform passes!

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Finally populist president Obama’s healthcare reform bill was vindicated by the supreme court. It’s about time. If Canada and the UK and even the Czech Republic can have national healthcare then surely the vaunted Unite States can do as much for her citizens.

Following are some images from Cafe Press for T-Shirts you could buy to celebrate this historic event . Actually the shirts have less to do with the healthcare bill and more to do with ridding the government of the loathsome presence known as repugnicans.

Now while no responsible person would advocate killing anyone–even repugnicans since even they too (much to our chagrin) are part of Creation. However these people (repugnicans) are so vile and rapacious in their avarice that every once in a while it’s pleasant to daydream and contemplate the Red Queens words: Off with their heads!”


Protected: Election Day Spell

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