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Happy Yule & Merry Midwinter

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Yule Stag

O Great Horned God, on this solstice eve, dwell within the heart and mind of your priest.
Make my magick powerful & pleasing to Thee.
Enhance my psychic & magickal abilities;
Open my third eye so that wisdom’s path I might truly see.






Happy Mabon (Autumnal Equinox)

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Mabon Autumnal Equinox

Mabon Autumnal Equinox


Sep. 23, 2011


Circle of the Dark Moon Coven

Circle of the Dark Moon Coven







You will need these items:

  • The usual tools, candles, paraphernalia for ritual


Items needed specific to working:

  • Indian Corn
  • A napkin or other such cover for the corn.




Cleansing Sacred Space


  • Sweep the area with besom then smudge with violet-sage.


Consecration of Water and Salt & Elements

Charge at the Pentacle

(HPS and HP with athames over their hearts and the other hand on the pentacle, bend in silence for a moment. During this time, they silently ask the Lord and Lady for strength and guidance .)

Blessing the Salt

HPS : ( places dish of salt upon the pentacle)

I consecrate thee O creature of salt, fruit of the Earth,
magickal aid, and seasoning for Cerredwen’s cauldron on the hearth.


I cast from thee all hindrance and malignity, so that in my works of magick you may well serve me.

All: So mote it be .

(HPS removes the dish of salt from the pentacle and then places the dish of water upon the pentacle. Then she takes the salt and using her athame drops into the water three measures of salt . She stirs the water three times with the tip of her athame . HPS sets the salt aside.)



Blessing the Water

HPS : I consecrate thee O creature of water the Lady’s sacred element; life giving, whether swiftly flowing like salmon swimming upstream or falling from the firmament .


I cast from thee all hindrance and malignity, so that in my works of magick you may well serve me.


All: So mote it be .


Blessing the Air

(HP places the censer containing incense upon the pentacle)

HP: I consecrate thee O creature of Air, bringer of cool autumnal nights rare. Like the seasons all things change and at the end, the Lord of the wild will be there.
I cast from thee all hindrance and malignity, so that in my works of magick you may well serve me.

All : So mote it be .


Blessing the Fire

(HP lights the incense)

HP: I consecrate thee O creature of Fire, signifier of the Sun. Burn brightly this Fall night so that we might chant by the balefire s light.

I cast from thee all hindrance and malignity, so that in my works of magick you may well serve me .

All : So mote it be .

(HP sets the censer aside.)



Circle Casting
(by Earth)

(HP and HPS take their athames and trace the sacred circle. If desired, they may leave a doorway in the northeastern quadrant. They walk together with the HP’s hand upon the HPS’ shoulder.)

HPS : I conjure thee, O Circle of Power, to be a meeting place of love, joy and truth, a boundary between the worlds of men and the Realms the Mighty Ones .
A rampart and Protection against all wickedness that shall both contain and entertain the powers raised within wherefore do I consecrate thee in the name of The Lord of the Sun and the Lady of the Moon.


Strengthening the Circle

(by Water)

(Witch 1 : Sprinkles the salt and water mixture around the circle)

Witch 1 : Rain of water and salt sprinkled upon the ground,
This blessed water sprinkled round and round .
Protect us from wickedness and make our magick sound .


(Witch 1 : When their circuit is completed, they replace the water upon the altar.)


(by Air)

(Witch 2 : takes the censer and walks about the circle)


Witch 2 : Into the night sky, incense smoke, roil, rise, and writhe,

This smoke takes our intentions to the skies,

Sunder us from the mundane like a scythe.


(Witch 2 : When their circuit is completed, they replace the censer upon the altar.)


(by Fire)

(Witch 3 : takes a candle and walks about the circle)

Witch 3 : Fire, shine true and bright,
Aid, grant clarity of sight,
Mayest the Gods be with us this night .

(Witch 3 : When their circuit is completed, they replace the water upon the altar.)


Calling the Quarters

East: O, guardians of the Airs: Sylphs from the East,

Come, teach us and sanctify our feast.
At dawn of day your winds blow free,
Hail and welcome; blessed be.

(Draw the invoking pentagram of Air)


All : Hail and welcome; blessed be .

South: O, guardians of Fire, salamanders from the South,

Bring your heat of desire, will to act within and without.

By flame, lightning, and burning tree,
Hail and welcome; blessed be.

(Draw the invoking pentagram of Fire)


All : Hail and welcome; blessed be.

West: O guardians of the Waters: Undines of the West.
Attend and bring with your daring thus allowing us to be our magickal best.
By rain, river, and lake, deep blue sea,
Hail and welcome; blessed be.

(Draw the invoking pentagram of Water)

All: Hail and welcome; blessed be .

North: O, guardians of the Earth: Gnomes and Fae of the North.

Come from your silent halls, to teach us your craft of manifesting great worth.
By stone, pick, and iron, and bud, branch, and leaf,
Hail and welcome; blessed be.

(Draw the invoking pentagram of Earth)

All : Hail and welcome; blessed be .

HPS : O, Spirit and guardians of the quarters all;
Hearken unto our call this first evening of fall .
Protect our circle tonight,
And lend your powers to the rite .
So mote it be .

(Draw the active invoking pentagram of Spirit)

All : So mote it be .



Drawing down the Moon

Invocation to the Goddess

(Note: normally the HP would/should perform the fivefold kiss before the Goddess invocation . However since this is a solar Sabbat the Drawing down of the moon is omitted. (HPS assumes the blessing position with her back to the coven.)

HPS : I invoke thee and call upon thee,
Mighty Mother of us all, bringer of grain, grasses, and fruited trees.

For, she brings the buds in spring and the flowers .
In summer, she laughs among the leafy bowers .
Come fall, she cuts the cane and gathers the grain .
In winter cold as graveyard stone, she exudes wisdom of the Crone .

By seed, by Hawthorn leaf, by bud and stem, by flower and root and leaf, I call upon thee, to descend upon thy servant priestess and to show forth your presence and love .

( HPS lights the Goddess candle.)

The Charge of the Goddess

(HPS as the Goddess Herself , the HPS turns to face the coven .)


HPS: I am the harmonious tune of the songbird
And the laughter of a gleeful child .
I am the bubbling sound of the running brook
And the scent of the flowers wild .
I am the floating leaf upon the breeze
And the dancing fire in the forest glade .
I am the sweet smell of rains upon the soil
And the rapture of passion when love is made .

I am the germination of see in the Spring And the ripening of wheat in the sun .

I am the peaceful depth of twilight that soothes the soul when day is done.

I am found in the twinkling of an aged eye, And found in the birth of a newborn pup.


Yes, birth and growth and death am I: I am the gracious Earth, on whom you sup.

I am your sister, your mother, the wise one .

I wrap you gently in the warmth of my love.

That which you seek you shall find within Not without, not below, not above.

Remember always, my children, be reverent. Be gentle, loving and kind to each other And hold sacred the Earth and its creatures For I am the Lady: Creatrix and Mother.


Drawing down the Sun
Invocation to the God

(HP assumes the Osiris position with his back to the coven.)


HP: You are the stag of seven tines.
You are the Lord of all things wild, and the consort of She whom we adore, and before, you were her child.
You have many names but those who know your playful side call you Lugh the Longhand, Loki, Draug, Faunas, Puck or Pan.
Though the holly grows and the oak is becoming wan,
Today you begin to lose some of your might for Autumn is nigh tonight.


You are the stag of seven tines .
In your honor, we light the balefires until the smoke climbs to the stars from a thousand sparking spire .
Strike the harp . Gather the flutes, drums, sing, and dance in honor of you and a fruitful harvest.

You are the stag of seven tines.
Great Father, return to Earth again,
Come at my call and show Yourself to men.
Shepherd of goats, upon the wild hill’s way,
Lead thy flock from night into day.
Forgotten are the ways of sleep and night—
Men seek for them whose eyes have lost the light.
Open the door of dreams, whereby men come to thee.
Shepherd of goats, ruler of wild things,
Descend upon thy servant and priest.
O, answer unto me .

( HP lights the God candle.)


Charge of the God


HP: Listen to the words of the Horned God,
The Guardian of all things wild and free,
Keeper of the Gates of Death,
Whose Call we all must Heed:
I am the fire within your Heart,
The yearning of your Soul .
I, the Hunter of Knowledge, Seeker of the Holy Quest I, who stand in the darkness, am He whom you call Death. I, the Consort and Mate of Her whom we adore, Beckoned forth to Thee,
To learn the secrets of Death and Peace,
Come thou unto me.
I am corn at harvest and fruit on the trees.
I am He who leads you home.
With Scourge and Flame, Blade and Blood,
These are mine own gifts to thee.
Call unto me in the forest wild and hilltop bare, And seek me in the Darkest Night.

I, who have been called, Lugh, Pan, Hades, Hermes, Puck, Loki, and Osiris Bright. Speak to thee in thy search, Come to dance and sing; Come live and love; behold this is worshiping.


I am thy Father; you are my children. On swift night wings, it is I who lay you at the Mother’s feet; to be reborn and to return again to seek.
Know me, I am the untamed wind, the fury of storm.
Seek me with pride and humility, and passion in your Soul.


Statement of Purpose

HP: Welcome everyone. Tonight we celebrate the Autumnal equinox once again day and night are equal in length but now the days grow colder and shorter.


Power Raising


Sir John Barleycorn’s Rune


All : There were three women came out of the West,
Their fortunes for to scry,
And these three women made a solemn vow,
That John Barleycorn should die .
They plowed and sowed, they harrowed him in,
They threw clods upon his head.
And, these three women made a solemn vow
That John Barleycorn was dead.
They let him lie for a very long time,
’till the rains from heaven did fall.
Then, little Sir John sprung up his head,
Soon amazing them all.
They let him stand ’till Midsummer’s Day
’till he looked both pale and wan.
And, little Sir John grew a long, long, beard,
Thus becoming a man.


They rolled him and tied him by the waist, serving him most barbarously.
They hired men with sharp pitchforks,

Who pricked him to the heart .
And the loader he served him worse than that, For he bound him to a cart.
They wheeled him round and round the field, ”till they came to a barn.
And there they made a solemn vow, on poor old John Barleycorn.
They hired men with crab tree sticks, to cut him skin from bone.
And the miller he served him worse than that, For he ground him between two stones.


So, here’s little Sir John in a nut brown bowl, and he’s brandy in a glass;
And little Sir John in the nut brown bowl Proved the stronger man at last.
For the huntsman, he can’t hunt the fox, nor so loudly blow his horn,
And the tinker he can’t mend kettles or pots, Without a little John Barleycorn.


Main Working

HPS: Now is the time of balance, when Day and Night face each other as equals. Yet at this season, the Night is waxing and the Day is waning. For, nothing ever remains without change in the tides of Earth and Sky, Fire and Water, know and remember, that whatsoever rises must fall, and whatsoever falls does so only to rise again . In toke of which, let us dance the Dance of Going and Returning.

HPS: (Leads coveners in a Widdershins procession about the circle. If room permits, the procession should spiral in close to but not at the center. When she is ready the HPS : raises the dish for all to see and declaims .)

HPS: Behold the mystery : in silence is the seed of wisdom gained .


HPS: (uncovers the dish . She then instructs all to meditate a moment.)

(When they are ready, the HPS goes to the eastern candle and the HP goes to the western candle.)

HPS: The harvest is fully reaped; the God gives of Himself

And journeys to the Higher Planes and the Sky grows dark.

Chilled winds blow in from the North as the plants turn brown and whither.

But, in the face of seeming extinction,

The Goddess sends forth Her Power, and by it we are sustained.

And thus, in the dark days of Winter we are comforted

By the knowledge that all is a cycle; Birth and Death, Spring and Winter, the end of all things and rebirth of all things.

Blessings and honor to the Great Goddess.

Blessings an honor to the Fallen God who journeys to the Summerland and Underworld.

Blessings and honor Goddess who as Persephone descends into the Underworld to love and bring forth to us the Sun God when Winter’s dark days are done.


HPS: Farewell, O Sun, ever returning light,
The hidden God, whoever yet remains,
Who now departs to the land of Youth
Through the Gates of Death to dwell enthroned,
The Judge of Gods and man.
The Horned Leader of the hosts of Air
Yet, even as he stands unseen about the circle,
So dwelleth he within the secret seed .

All : The seed of newly ripened grain the seed of flesh;
Hidden in earth, the marvelous seed of the stars .
In him is Life, and life is the Light of man,
that which was never born and never dies.
Therefore the wise weep not but rejoice!

HPS: Let us prepare for the coming of winter. Mabon is upon us.

The harvest is done; time to bid farewell to Horned God and the waning



Do not to despair, for even after the harshest winter follows a springtime fair. The wheel of life is ever turning, blessed be!


All: Although the season of plenty draws to a close, the Gods are ever with us.
The Lord and Lady watch over us.
We give thanks to the Gods for this joyful harvest!

(The HPS raises her arms in a blessing and the HP responds in kind. They resume their normal places and then the HPS leads the coven in an outward spiral deosil procession. When she is ready, the HPS sends everyone back to his or her place.)



Elemental Balancing Ritual (optional)

(This ritual is ideally suited for five participants. It is conducted in a ‘Round Robin’ style, with participants moving around the circle to experience each element, with one person at each of the Quarter points and one in the center.

The ritual moves in an anti-clockwise direction—widdershins (Southern Hemisphere Deosil).

The purpose of the ritual is to balance the elements within each participant as well as to gain an understanding of each element from both a personal and an outside perspective. It also requires participants to work with both receptive and projective energies, visualisation and sensing.

Before the circle cast, each participant chooses an element as their starting position, usually whomever is leading the ritual will take the Spirit position. Elements can also be assigned by the leader or drawn from a cauldron randomly. It really depends upon the group’s preference.)

HP/HPS: Before me is Air

Behind me is Water

At my left is Fire

To my right is Earth

Above me the Zenith

Below me the Nadir

And all around me shines the Six-Rayed Star.


(When all of the connections are established, each Quarter person turns to face the center. They then direct their perception and experience of their element along the beam to Person A in Spirit.

The HP/HPS receives a message of understanding of each element. This is the receptive part for the person in the center. Each person that stands at a Quarter is projecting.

The HP/HPS absorbs the understanding and energy of each element and then moves to speak privately with each person at the Quarters – starting with Person A at Air, then moving around to Person B at Fire etc. The HP/HPS describes to each Quarter person what they have felt or understood of that element and the aspect being projected. They gift their new perspective to each person. Depending on how deep the trance, Spirit may have an elemental message for some of the participants.

Next, the HP/HPS returns to the center.

Everyone then takes a moment to absorb what they have just experienced and then the next phase – the Round Robin – begins.

Everyone moves one position Deosil around the Circle and the round robins continues. It is the HP/HPS choice whether they move out into the circle to Air and proceed with visiting each elemental quarter. If this is the case the person at the Earth quarter moves into the Spirit position.

When this exercise is complete returns to their original places. Everyone will have experienced both the reception and projection aspects of each of the elements and gained different perspectives by connecting with each element from the Quarter points and from Spirit.)

Consecration of the Wine and Cakes (Symbolic Great Rite)


Great Rite ( Symbolic)

(HPS takes the chalice and the HP stands before her holding his athame.)

HPS: You are the spear of Lugh, the Sun.

(HP lowers his athame into the wine)

HP: And you are the Grail of the Moon.

HPS/HP: And together we are one.

(HP replaces his athame upon the altar.)

Consecration of the Wine

HPS: (lays her athame down and places the chalice on the pentacle.)

HPS: May this offering to the God and Goddess keep us from ever knowing thirst .


Consecration of the Cakes

HPS: (removes the chalice and replaces it with the plate of cakes before the. She touches each cake in turn with her athame.)

HPS : May this offering to the God and Goddess keep us from ever knowing hunger .

Simple Feast ( Cakes and Ale)

HPS: (When all of the coveners have partaken of the simple feast, the HPS places some food and drink in the libation bowl. HPS raises the libation plate in salute.)

HPS: To the Gods.

Coveners: To the Gods.


Closing the Circle

Release of Deities

Release of the Goddess

HPS: (faces the altar, assumes the Goddess position or alternatively salutes with athame and recites)

Queen of the Universe who wears a mantle of stars and moonlight, on autumn’s first night,
we gathered to bid farewell to your Sun’s warmth and light. We thank you for your attending and witnessing these rites.
With your help, we shall start down the path to wisdom’s light.


For this boon, and glimpse of your magick, and mystery,
we salute and thank Thee.
Alas, our time together now is past.
We bid thee farewell.
Stay if you will and join our repast.
Leave us if you must.
Ere you leave us, know that all who met here
Did so in perfect love and perfect trust.

HPS: (Extinguishes the Goddess candle)

Release of the God

HP: (Assumes the Osiris position)
Thou art the Stag of Seven tines.
He who’s power is wide as the flood on a plain.
Your wisdom stretches like a hawk across the sky.

Who but you with smoke sets our heads afire?
We bid thee farewell as well as the sun and its warming rays, But the harvest was plentiful and we thank you for this boon to last us through winter s darkening days.

For this boon, and glimpse of your magick, and mystery,
we salute and thank Thee.
Alas, our time together now is past.
We bid thee farewell.
Stay if you will and join our repast.
Leave us if you must.
Ere you leave us, know that all who met here
Did so in perfect love and perfect trust.


HP: (Extinguishes the God candle)


Quarter Dismissals

(The HP follows the HPS around the quarters except where noted while the rest of the coven remain in place around the circle but mimic the HPS’ gestures. At each quarter, the HPS and HP salute the quarter with their athames. After the dismissal, the HPS, HP, and coveners, draw the banishing pentagram. The banishing pentagram of Earth shall be used for all dismissals.)


North: Hail, guardians of the North, Gnomes and Fae of the Earth.

On this first autumn’s night, that marks the decline of the Sun’s might,

We thank you for witnessing and protecting our sacred magickal rite.

Go if you must; stay if you will; but know that we met in perfect love and perfect trust.

(Draw the banishing pentagram of Earth)


All: Hail and farewell Gnomes and Fae of the Earth. Blessed be.


West: Hail, guardians of the West, Undines of the Waters.
On this first autumn’s night, that marks the decline of the Sun’s might,

We thank you for witnessing and protecting our sacred magickal rite.

Go if you must; stay if you will; but know that we met in perfect love and perfect trust.

(Draw the banishing pentagram of Water)

All: Hail and farewell Undines of the Waters. Blessed be.

South: Hail, guardians of the South, Salamanders of Fire.
On this first autumn’s night, that marks the decline of the Sun’s might,

We thank you for witnessing and protecting our sacred magickal rite.

Go if you must; stay if you will; but know that we met in perfect love and perfect trust.

(Draw the banishing pentagram of Fire)


All: Hail and farewell Salamanders of Fire. Blessed be.




East: Hail, guardians of the East, Sylphs of the Airs.
On this first autumn’s night, that marks the decline of the Sun’s might,

We thank you for witnessing and protecting our sacred magickal rite.

Go if you must; stay if you will; but know that we met in perfect love and perfect trust.

(Draw the banishing pentagram of Air)

All : Hail and farewell Sylphs of the Airs . Blessed be.

HPS: Hail and farewell, Spirit and guardians of the quarters all;
you hearkened unto our call this first evening of fall.
Thank you for protecting our circle tonight,
and lending your powers to this rite.
So mote it be.

(Draw the active banishing pentagram of Spirit)

All : So mote it be .

Opening the Circle

(HPS and HP face the altar together. The Deities have been thanked and the Quarters dismissed, therefore, the next action is to ‘take down’ the circle. Since the circle was thrice cast, it should be thrice unwound. Also, because the circle was cast deosil it should be undone in a widdershins direction.)

HPS: O Circle of Power, as I have conjured thee I now release your energies into this blade.

(In your mind’s eye, see the circle dissolve into a wispy energy smoke, which the glowing blade readily absorbs)

HPS: Where there once existed a rampart between this world and the Otherworld, the rampart is no more . Once again, our realms are separate. However, the love and joy with which we met here tonight remains undiminished.


HPS : (Rejoins the HP at the altar and then together they face the rest of the coven)


Just as the oak must yield to the holly, so must warmer days yield at the harvest’s end.

Just as the Autumnal equinox signals summer s end, it is time for us to leave this realm of magick, mystery, and the circle of our ancestors and friends.

The circle is open but remains unbroken.

Blessed be.

Coveners: Blessed be.

This is the time of the Last Harvest. The Earth nods a sad farewell to the God. We know that He will once again be reborn of the Goddess and the cycle will continue. This is the time of reflection, the times to honor the Ancients who have gone on before us and the time of “Seeing” (divination). As we contemplate the Wheel of the Year, we come to recognize our own part in the eternal cycle of Life.

The equinox was a little more than two weeks ago, heralding the end of summer, the dying of the light, and the lengthening nights. For many people this is a sad time of year. The frivolity of summer is at an end. It’s time for students to head back to school. Even here in the hellbox of Georgia, plantation lawns wither and the illegal workers wonder where they’ll find lawns to mow, while the trees drop their leaves, save for the tall Georgia Pines. In the pines, there’s a renewed industriousness among the squirrels; they can be heard and seen. One can hear them barking, their claws scratching on bark, and seen leaping and scampering among the branches while they lay in stores for what passes for winter in these parts.

I used to be torn emotionally about autumn. I’ve always loved autumn. For me, growing up in Wisconsin, it meant rust and gold leaves for kicking about. The cooling nip in the air meant it was time to head back to the university. I always looked forward to the return to school and reuniting with summer-separated friends. And with the coming of the Lady September wearing a wreath of maple and oak leaves in her hair, and the Lord October with his jack-o-lantern crown, it meant that the year was easing into that time when with the coming of the holidays, humanity found more charity and compassion toward each other. And let’s not forget the food of fall. Let’s see, there was pumpkin bread, pumpkin seeds, pumpkin lattes, pumpkin scones, and of course pumpkin pie. Oh wait, I forgot pumpkin muffins. I’m a pumpkin fanatic and will pretty much eat anything pumpkin. Additionally, there were caramel apples, and cider, Halloween and trick or treat and the unbelievable booty of overloaded trick or treat loot bags. All of this bounty was a mere appetizer though compared to the feasts of November and December to come.

But wait—there must be something wrong with me if I’m celebrating the end of summer. Summer was the time of easy living. When as the days grew longer and warmer, people came out into the streets or sat on their porches and waved at you. It was days of endless bike rides, fishing in Sinipee Creek, making hay, corn detasseling, and seeing all the girls from school in their bikinis. And I wanted that to end? I must be gay. Also, summer was when it stayed light until nine o’clock (more time to play tennis, or to ride my three-wheeler with my intrepid dachshund as my co-pilot) in the evening and even after the sun went down, there were still fireflies and stars. Who would want that to end?

Hence, there was my conundrum with fall being my favorite time of year. On the one hand fall is a beautiful time of the year. The weather is cool (comfortable jeans weather) and nature is arrayed in her finest and most colorful. While on the other hand, the world is dying. For soon, the trees will drop their leaves; the brilliant colors will fade to brown; the green of the prairie will fade into the death of winter.

However, around the time that I stopped worrying what people thought, believing that even Enron executives have some good in them, and I started valuing the company of nature and my dogs more than that of most people, I realized that it’s okay to acknowledge that people are greedy, avaricious, ugly mostly-bags-of-water and that it’s okay for Fall to be my favorite time of year. I am after all, in the late summer of my life. If my life were a calendar, today would be around 3:00 AM on September 1. Oh, don’t worry about me. I still have plenty of life left in me. I might even run a marathon next year. Also, I believe that my power will continue to increase and I’d like to think my best day is ahead of me. It’s just that when I see how people are, the evil they do (since we have republicans we scarcely need a devil), the unchecked greed that consumes everyone, the lies, the cover-ups, the spin doctors misinforming the public, the I’ve-got-mine-you-can-go-fuck-yourself attitudes of people, sometimes the darkness overtakes my soul. And these are not new behaviors for homosapiens. If you travel back through history, you’ll see that the way humans treat each other has not improved much in the last 2,000 years.

But face the darkness in my soul from time to time I must. For that is what being a warlock (we’ll discuss this term some other time) in the Circle of the Dark Moon Tradition means. I don’t mind the introspection and soul-searching if you will—the turning inward and taking a pause to meditate and take a journey into inner space. Just as the waning days of fall lead to still white death of winter, and finally onto spring, this same sort of reflective pause can lead to restoration and rebirth—at least psychically if not physically.

There are 24 days before Samhain (Halloween to you muggles or cowans) and I’ve made a promise to myself. Since this is the time of year when the veil between worlds parts, I plan to make the magickal most this fall month. I plan to engage in a magickal endeavor every day (this month and hopefully the trend will continue) and I think you should too. Magick isn’t always just found in complex rituals which take a long time to perform. Being your magickal best this month could be something as little as casting a simple spell, performing a tarot reading or favorite form of divination, or even just finish reading that book on occult science that you’ve been putting off looking at. And don’t forget the Samhain—the most magickal night of the year for us witches, warlocks, and mages.

Remember, a little magick can go a long way toward lighting the dark places in your soul.