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Stop Stealing Bandwidth

   Posted by: Scrivener

Some of you may have seen this image before. In fact, some you may have seen it recently when you signed on to whatever social fritter-your-time-away-with-twitter networking site you subscribe to. Expecting to see your avatar, you instead saw my little message to you.

Your immediate reaction was probably something along the lines of “what an asshole. He took down the picture I was using and replaced it with this stop sign graphic. Doesn’t he know that everything on the internet is supposed to be free. How dare he. Now I have to find another f***ing picture for my avatar.”

Well children, if you had played nice I wouldn’t have taken away your picture. In fact at the time, all the graphics on my site were able to be downloaded. It was only when I’d found literally hundreds of links to that graphic did I take action.

I’m not going to go into a big lecture here about hotlinking. Anybody savvy enough to hotlink already knows that it is theft of bandwidth–or maybe you don’t.Hence, the reason I’m not too up in arms.

Anyway since it’s so popular, I’ve posted the now notorious pentacle02a picture below this paragraph. Make as many copies as you like, or even hotlink to it. This picture is on Blogger, and not my servers so I don’t care.

In a way I’m flattered that the graphic is so popular. But since we run many applications on our servers including a large database, we really need all the bandwidth we can muster. I know, I know by even having that graphic up there is allowing site hits. I was hoping people would get the message with the stop sign graphic.

Anyway, as I said, below is the original pentacle02a.jpg picture courtesy of Circle of the Dark Moon.

Enjoy the graphic.