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Full Awakening Moon Ritual

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2013 – Full Awakening Moon



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Alexandre_Cabanel_The_Druidess She had everything she needed. Soon, she’d learn whether the ‘new’ magic and the old healing ways could merge.

The druidess, Airmeith of the Tuatha De Danann, danced widdershins about the balefire thereby clearing her circle of any lingering negativity. Spinning on a barefoot heel, she changed directions and danced doesil—as the sun goes—around the balefire. Now, she needed to raise energy.


Slowing to a rhythmic, rocking, motion, Airmeith chanted in a single low musical note the words the strangers in red and yellow robes had taught her, “OM TARA TUTTARE, TURE SO HA; OM TARA TUTTARE, TURE SO HA; OM TARA TUTTARE, TURE SO HA.” The strangers, who called themselves, Tibetans, had also taught her the technique of dual vocalization—the use of the second set of vocal cords. She smiled remembering how her father, Diancecht, had accused her of speaking in tongues.


By the third invocation to the healing Goddess, Tara, Airmeith stopped moving altogether, and sunk to her knees beside her mortar and pestle (another tool the strangers had left her), and with slitted eyes, sunk deeper into a trance while allowing the worlds to merge. Kneeling in her circle between the worlds of the shamans and that of the everyday simple forest people, she was ready to finish her work.

Airmeith took her white-handled boline from her belt, and reaching into her charm bag, she took from it, a potato, some moonwort flowers, and myrrh resin. The potato was from the village stores, the moonwort she’d picked on her way to the ritual, circular burm, and the myrrh resin had come from the hardened sap of some nearby myrrh trees.


First, using the boline, she peeled the potato, and then carved it into the shape of a man—a potato cum poppet. She had made poppets and sachets for sympathetic magick before, but this one was special. She had made this one for her secret lover, the king, Nuada. He would wear it as an amulet around his neck before he rode into battle at Magh Tuiredh.

Using the boline, she carved first the rune for Duir—the seventh letter of the Ogham alphabet and the name for the most sacred of trees among druids. Below that, she carved some protection runes. Dropping the myrrh resin into the mortar, she used the pestle to crush it. Next, she dipped he fingers into the rust-colored powder and spread it over the carved runes, filling in the cuts that formed the runes so that it looked as though the runes had been written in red—a protective color.


Finally, to finish the poppet, she dropped the white moonwort flowers into the mortar. Bruising the herbs in the mortar until the volatile oils seeped from the crushed flowers Airmeith worked the pestle earnestly. Sticking her fingers again into the pulpy mass, she scooped it out of the mortar and spread it evenly over the potato poppet. The last step was to put the poppet inside a deerskin pouch—a sachet—with a long drawstring that the king could put over his head and beneath his armor before he went into battle.


Sitting back on her haunches, Airmeith was satisfied. She had chanted the chants and worked the spells; nature was in accordance with her; and she’d performed all the ritual steps correctly. Tomorrow eve, when the sun set, she knew the king would return safely from the battle because of her protections



Happy Groundhog Day

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If Imbolc Day is bright and clear,
There’ll be two winters in the year.

If Imbolc be fair and bright,
Winter has another flight.
If Imbolc brings clouds and rain,
Winter will not come again.

This year, Imbolc dawned bright and clear,
According to Phil, Fae and Flowers will soon be here.


Full Wolf/Cold Moon Ritual

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2013 – Full Wolf Moon


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POOF-150x149People sometimes ask (and only partially in jest I suspect) whether since I’m a witch I can really turn someone into a frog. First I groan inwardly, and then wonder to myself,” Really? Why does the Goddess send me these people when She knows I will torment them? Perhaps to provide me some entertainment.”

After such an interlude, if they’re still standing there as though I would deign to answer them. I finally oblige them by saying that such spells are redundant as most people are already toads.

However, my third-degree student in one of those rare moments it’s apparent that your teachings have indeed reached an apt pupil, proffered an alternate, albeit, less acerbic answer. She said, “Master,…” No, she doesn’t really call me Master but I do like the sound of it. My third-degree suggested that anything is possible magickally (or mundanely I might add) if only you can raise enough energy. And, essentially she is correct.

Of course, there are other variables involved, consensual reality, the laws of thermodynamics, relativity. However, if you accept the fact that the universe around us is Maya, then given enough energy/mana then one may overcome such limitations.



Dark Moon Ritual for the Gatekeeper’s Moon

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2013 Gatekeeper’s Moon


Breaking a Blood Spell

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Breaking a Blood Spell Ritual


Happy Yule & Merry Midwinter

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Yule Stag

O Great Horned God, on this solstice eve, dwell within the heart and mind of your priest.
Make my magick powerful & pleasing to Thee.
Enhance my psychic & magickal abilities;
Open my third eye so that wisdom’s path I might truly see.






Cutting the Cord Spell

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se this spell when you wish to end an association—especially a magickal association such as a relationship with a teacher or coven.



ake cord in one hand and your athame in your power hand and recite this spell while cutting the cingulum or other such item representing the binding you wish to sever



ith this blade to and rope to symbolize

the ties that bind I cut those ties.

With no regrets or goodbyes,

What once was is now undone.

Two now instead of one.

The deed is done.

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