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What exactly is a Dark Moon?

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I had someone write me and ask,

I’m probably looking in all the wrong places, but I’m writing to ask the significance of the ‘ dark moon’ as it’s been driving me nuts for many months.

I feel drawn to the dark moon and I don’t know why…”

First, let’s begin by discussing what a dark moon is. Astronomically, the dark moon is a period of about three days: the day before a new moon, the day of a new moon, and the day after a new moon. A dark moon occurs when the moon is in conjunction with the sun. What being in conjunction means is that the moon is between the Earth and the Sun. You can’t see the moon during the dark moon period—hence the term, “dark moon”—because essentially, the moon is lost in the glare of the sun. See the diagram below this paragraph. moon phases

What is now referred to as a waxing gibbous moon—the first crescent sliver that is visible of the moon as it once again grows larger—used to be called the new moon, and the period when you couldn’t see the moon was called the dark moon. However, over time, the dark period of the moon—no crescent visible—became known as the new moon instead of the crescent sliver.

But, I’m sure you didn’t write me for an astronomy lesson. You’re probably wondering about the magickal properties of the dark moon. I’ll see if I can’t help you there as well. Let’s refer back to the diagram above for a minute. If you notice where the Moon is in relation to the Sun, you’ll see that the two are in line, and if you were to look a this configuration headon, you’d see our tiny Moon inside the Sun—at least that’s how it would appear to an observer on Earth. Magickally what this configuration signifies is nothing less than the union of the psychic energies of male and female. In many systems of magick, witchcraft especially, it’s important to maintain a balance of male and female energies. In our tradition—the Dark Moon Traditon—for example we worship both a Goddess and a God.

What other significance can the Dark Moon hold for us magickally? The moon is both  mysterious and triune (as in the triple-aspects of the Goddess where she is Earth Mother, Maiden, and Wise Crone.) The moon stands for all that is ethereal and mystical. It allows one to enter the realm of imagination, intuition, and wonder—the seeds of magick. The Moon’s element is water, meaning that the Moon heightens   emotional, nurturing,  aspects of magick. However, despite all these warm and fuzzy feelings, the dark moon is a powerful time for working banishing magick (magick where you want to rid something or someone from your life.) During the dark moon one can also call upon the wisdom of the Crone who is the Queen of all Sorceries. This magick can be a powerful force for effecting change in your life.

Remember I mentioned that the Dark Moon is a the product of the Sun and Moon being in conjunction? So, let’s look at the Sun for a minute (metaphorically of course since I wouldn’t want you to go blind.) Whereas the Moon is all mystery and mysticism, and misty thoughts, the Sun is all about the blinding light of truth and manifestation of will. The Sun’s elemental fire brings warmth and light to the world of dreams that Moon rules. While the Moon may bring the imaginings of dreams (or the need for something) the might of the Sun brings to fruition the axiom of “As above so below.”  Or to say it another way, “As so we send our intentions or want to the astral plane these same intentions or wants are sent back to Earth and are fulfilled in our reality.” To state it in a very overly-simplified sense, the Sun and the Moon complete each other.

Another thing that is signifigant about a Dark Moon (or a Full Moon, or any celestial alignment for that matter) is that anytime there is such a conjunction, there occurs a thinning of the veil between this world and the Otherworld. When this happens many wonderful things may occur: psychic phenomenon, “ghost” sightings, or other occult manifestations. During this time it is especially a good opportunity to practice divination (tarot, scrying, dark mirror gazing, etc.), spirit communication via séance or witch board, and for working magick. Of course this is true during a Full Moon. But it is especially true during a Dark Moon or a sabbat such as Samhain. This is because the Dark Moon is more closely allied with the Crone and as such it is a good time to channel her power and wisdom.

As to why you’re drawn to the Dark Moon; there could be several reasons. Perhaps you’re coming of age magickally, and you’re beginning to feel the first stirrings of your own magick. Maybe the Dark Moon plays prominently in your astrological chart. Without knowing your birth date, time, and place, it’s hard to say. Or perhaps some Godform, who has an affinity with the Dark Moon, has selected you for patronage. All who walk this path, will at one time or another find themselves inexplicably drawn to something without knowing why. However, when the time is right, you will know why you were drawn to a thing.

I hope I haven’t bored you too much and more importantly, the information here has helped you understand what a Dark Moon is, what its signifigance is, and why you are drawn to the Dark Moon.

This announcement has been a long time in coming.

Effective July 20, The Circle of the Dark Moon Meetup sites in Warner Robins, GA and Akron, OH will no longer be available. All further group activities, for that matter any activities, announcements, or class scheduling will be coordinated through

As I said at the first, this announcement has been a long time in coming. The original time frame for the changeover was May/June of this year. However, problems with the database implementation offered by our ISP eventually led to us having to host the database on our own servers. That solution took longer to arrive at than we hoped.

Why are we making this change?
There are several good reasons that we’re shifting all activity to our domain.

1. It’s been a lot of work maintaining three sites: the Warner Robins meetup, the Akron meetup, and our own domain site, which ultimately suffered because we spent too much time maintaining the meetup sites. The biggest chore was maintaining accurate calendars of activities for all three sites. The new calendar page that lists activities for both Warner Robins and Akron (including class times) is located at
As you will note, the calendar widget is powered by Google and is free—always a good price in these hard economic times. Sorry, everyone else is overusing phrase for his or her own ends so I thought would too.

2. It’s been expensive maintaining the meetup sites. We’ve been paying $19 USD / month essentially for the privilege of using free tools wrapped in a website and a UNIX CHRON job. By dumping, we’ll have more time and monetary resources to expand the functionality of our own website. Planned enhancements to the website include the following:

a. Add the ability to upload your picture or an avatar.

b. Add a member list page along the lines of meetup.

c. Addition of a forums page. In fact we’ll be using the same forum engine that meetup uses. This is a free forum application. It’s as I said earlier, meetup essentially cobbled a bunch of free applications together in a website wrapper and charges $19 a month to use the site. Well, good for them but we refuse to pay them any longer.

d. Add a page to edit your account settings This is the next enhancement and should be complete no later than the first week of August.

e. Overhaul some of the content.

f. Begin assigning email addresses to registered users from our domain so they don’t have to use their personal email addresses.

3. We think it’s important for us to increase our web presence and search engine popularity by moving our content back onto our own domain instead of having our content make meetup more popular in web searches.

What does this mean to me?

The most important thing for you to do is to register at Go to our homepage, and click “Membership” on the menu. You’ll be taken to a page where you can register your information—note that we require very little personal information. Registration is easy and shouldn’t take as long to complete as reading this post.

Aside from having to register at our site, nothing else really changes. We are not dissolving or going away. We’re still going to be the most active teaching coven in Georgia; we’re still going to hold in-person and online classes; and we’re still going to be holding open circles for all sabbats and esbats. And, all registered users will continue to receive email updates about upcoming events and other items of interest. We’re just not going to be listed on meetup any longer.

What happens on 20 July?

We’ve spoken (well emailed) about this and the only way they will delete a meetup group (even group owners cannot delete their own groups) is if a meetup group has no members.


If I merely step down as organizer or leave meetup, will open up the sites to be taken over by anyone with $19 in their wallets. Apparently, meetup is more concerned about getting their monthly extortion than protecting the privacy of meetup members. By allowing any Tom, Dick, or Johnny-joined-lately spammer (and yes spammers watch meetup for groups that are open for new organizers) all of your personal information is at risk.

Therefore, in order to get meetup to shut these groups down, we are going to delete all the members from each meetup group on 20 July. You will receive an email to that effect and the reason for being removed from the group will be something to effect that this meetup group is being moved to Circle of the Dark Moon domain.

Please don’t take offense at being removed. It’s not because you did anything wrong. We’re doing this to protect your privacy. Belief us we’d rather not do it. It’s going to be a pain manually removing almost 200 members.

Yes, I’m finally done with this long post.

We don’t want to leave anyone dry-docked as it were especially the Akron area members. We’d been working with a couple of assistant organizers there to facilitate local meetings and possibly even arrange for group rituals. We can certainly still use the help, so any interested parties including current assistant organizers should contact us via

In closing, there are just a couple of things to remember:

1. Register at (if you’ve already registered there you don’t have to register again.

2. Please don’t take offense at being removed from the meetup groups.

3. And please accept our apologies concerning the “last minuteness” of this announcement. We thought we were paid up through the end of the month with meetup since they’ve been charging our credit card the first of the month. This would of given about a two week notice before the shutdown, but according to meetup we’re only paid up until 20 July.

On behalf of myself, Duir, my wife, and fellow coven sisters and brothers, we hope to merry meet all of you again at our/your site:

This announcement will be repeated this weekend and on the day of the 20th. In addition a copy of this announcement will be placed in the forums and our website blog.

Meetup is dead.

Long live The Circle of the Dark Moon. HIP HIP HUZZAH!

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