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Tarot & Runes reading for Jan2016

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Happy Yule & Merry Midwinter

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Yule Stag

O Great Horned God, on this solstice eve, dwell within the heart and mind of your priest.
Make my magick powerful & pleasing to Thee.
Enhance my psychic & magickal abilities;
Open my third eye so that wisdom’s path I might truly see.






Yule Seeker Dedications

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Circle of the Dark Moon Yule Dedication
Dedication is usually a first step for coveners as well as solitaires. It is a group or personal declaration of intent to follow the Wiccan path and always strive to honor the Gods, increase your knowledge of the craft, and live by the rede. Within traditions such as the Dark Moon tradition dedication is usually followed after a period of study (traditionally a year and a day) which leads to a first degree (the dedicant is now considered a true witch).

After a first degree comes a second degree where the witch now takes on the responsibility of teaching first-years and additional coven responsibilities.

Upon attaining a third degree a witch may decide to leave the coven and hive-off forming their own coven. For those third degree witches remaining in the coven, there are adept and master adept degrees.

Our dedicant list for this year include (alphabetically):

Elaine P (aka Judy)

Michelle L

Scott M

Congratulations dedicants.


Yule List 2009

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shapeimage_1Usually around this time of year, I publish a Yule wish list. In the past, this list has contained some interesting items ranging from wishing for horrible deaths to all republicans, and wannabe-republican democrats (that’s still a wish of mine) to mountain bikes and magickal paraphernalia. However, given the events in my life this past year, from the fire to the increasingly depressing prospects for employment, all I have to say this year is (with a nod toward the Warren Zevon song):

“Send lawyers, guns, and MONEY.”