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Breaking a Blood Spell

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Breaking a Blood Spell Ritual


House/Apartment Banishing the Darkness Ritual

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A reader posted this request on our Facebook page:

Greeting my sister & brothers, I hoping that some of you may be able to assist me on a time sensitive matter…A friend of mine is having darklings manifesting themselves around & even trying to harm her. She doesn’t have any one faith, however, knows I’ve delt [sic] with things along this nature before. This time however I am not close & she needs somewhat easy assistance to banish or block these things. Any ideas, spells, etc. are welcome. Thank you. Blessed Be. )0(

Since the reader didn’t specify whether they meant fae darklings or dark/malevolent spirits, what I am proposing is a general banishing. The Circle of the Dark Moon coven used this ritual last August to remove a “dark and heavy presence” as described by the apartment tenants. This presence was so forcefully expelled that upon reciting the final banishing, two members were pushed backward.

Usually, I would recommend before performing a banishing to first attempt contact with the entity/entities to determine what they want. While there are presences that are just nasty pieces of work, many perceived attacks (poltergeists, banging noises, etc.) are actually attempts by spirits to get your attention in order to elicit help. Oftentimes, these seemingly malevolent beings are merely entities that have strayed onto the mundane plane and don’t know how to get back to wherever it is that they belong. Just some food for thought, the monsters under our beds aren’t always monsters.

However, should you decide to perform a banishing, the following ritual has yielded us great success.



We begin this ritual by performing a variation of the Cabalistic Cross. This is done to secure a cleansed area for the working to follow. The Cabalistic Cross is traditionally executed by touching the forehead, solar plexus/genitals, right and left shoulder and finally the heart and intoning in order the holy names listed below this sentence.


ATOH ( thou art)

MALKUTH (the kingdom)

VEH-GEBURAH (the power)

VEH-GEDULAH (the glory)

LE-OLAHM (unto the ages)

AUGHMN (so mote it be)


However, for a more Wiccan flavor, use the below variation.



  • Face East. Touch forehead. Say IO EVOE HEKATE
  • Touch solar plexus or genitals. Say IO EVOE CERNUNNOS
  • Touch right shoulder. Say EKO EKO AZARAK (‘Hail, hail force of fire’)
  • Touch left shoulder. Say EKO EKO ZAMELAK (‘Hail, hail to the glory’)
  • Extend arms in form of a cross. Say
  • IO EVOE (‘Blessed be.’) Clasp hands upon breast and say ‘So mote it be.’



Next, we raise a magickal circle. If the circle caster doesn’t have an athame, sword, wand, or staff, or simple prefers not to use such an instrument, then the caster may use some lit sage, a white candle or even just their projective hand.


Using the magickal projective tool of choice (or even just your right or left hand depending upon your right or left handedness)


  • From the center of where you are casting the circle, go to the Eastern Quarter. Then, trace the invoking pentagram of Air and say, “I call upon Herne the Great Hunter
  • Continue counterclockwise around the circle to its Northern Quarter and trace the invoking pentagram of Earth and say, “I call upon Hecate, Queen of the Crossroads and Protectoress of Witches.”
  • Continue around the circle to its western Quarter and trace the invoking pentagram of Water and say, “I call upon the Morrigan the Warrior Goddess of the Celts.”
  • Continue around the circle to its Southern Quarter and trace the invoking pentagram of Fire and say, “I call upon Cernunnos the Horned Lord of the Wild.”
  • Finish tracing circle, closing it in the East.



  • Return to center of circle and face East.
  • Extend arms in form of a cross. Chant:
  • Say, “Before me HERNE The Huntsman.”
  • Say, “Behind me the Morrigan The Warrior.”
  • Say, “On my right hand CERNUNNOS, the Horned God.”
  • Say, “On my left hand HECATE, the Crone and Queen of all Sorceries.”
  • In your mind’s eye see the invoking pentagrams you traced blazing with an all consuming and cleansing fire
  • Say in a strong voice, “About me flame the pentagrams.”
  • Say in an even stronger voice, “And above me shines the light of the God and Goddess.”
  • Say in your strongest voice, “By the Power of the Divine Light,”
  • Say, “I banish this darkness from my sight.”
  • Say, “Depart, do not follow me or mine and never return.”
  • Say, “Lest by the Divine Flames of the Pentagrams you be consumed and burned.”