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Full Wolf/Cold Moon Ritual

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2013 – Full Wolf Moon


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POOF-150x149People sometimes ask (and only partially in jest I suspect) whether since I’m a witch I can really turn someone into a frog. First I groan inwardly, and then wonder to myself,” Really? Why does the Goddess send me these people when She knows I will torment them? Perhaps to provide me some entertainment.”

After such an interlude, if they’re still standing there as though I would deign to answer them. I finally oblige them by saying that such spells are redundant as most people are already toads.

However, my third-degree student in one of those rare moments it’s apparent that your teachings have indeed reached an apt pupil, proffered an alternate, albeit, less acerbic answer. She said, “Master,…” No, she doesn’t really call me Master but I do like the sound of it. My third-degree suggested that anything is possible magickally (or mundanely I might add) if only you can raise enough energy. And, essentially she is correct.

Of course, there are other variables involved, consensual reality, the laws of thermodynamics, relativity. However, if you accept the fact that the universe around us is Maya, then given enough energy/mana then one may overcome such limitations.



Dark Moon Ritual for the Gatekeeper’s Moon

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2013 Gatekeeper’s Moon


Breaking a Blood Spell

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Breaking a Blood Spell Ritual


Happy Yule & Merry Midwinter

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Yule Stag

O Great Horned God, on this solstice eve, dwell within the heart and mind of your priest.
Make my magick powerful & pleasing to Thee.
Enhance my psychic & magickal abilities;
Open my third eye so that wisdom’s path I might truly see.






Cutting the Cord Spell

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se this spell when you wish to end an association—especially a magickal association such as a relationship with a teacher or coven.



ake cord in one hand and your athame in your power hand and recite this spell while cutting the cingulum or other such item representing the binding you wish to sever



ith this blade to and rope to symbolize

the ties that bind I cut those ties.

With no regrets or goodbyes,

What once was is now undone.

Two now instead of one.

The deed is done.


Loki’s Tarot Reading

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This is a picture of the tarot reading my GSD (German Shepherd Dog) performed a few days ago. Time doesn’t permit me to relate the full story now but I promise to give a full account later.

The images are from the “Legacy of the Divine Tarot” tarot deck by Ciro Marchetti.

Loki’s Tarot Reading-Click picture for full size


Full Harvest Moon Ritual

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Posted below is the ritual we used for our Full Harvest Moon ritual.

Someday, I’ll start writing real articles again, but for now the new job (even though I work from home) is pretty crazy. Following is the ritual:




Happy Mabon

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Here as promised–albeit too late to be useful this year–is our Mabon ritual our coven performed last Saturday.

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